Some Great Dog Harness Options for Large Dogs

Handling large dogs can be really difficult at times. Dogs with pulling habits pull against the leash with such a great strength that they would either sustain injuries because of the force or would result in the leash slipping out of your hand. If you have a large dog, it is important that you choose the dog harness carefully. There are a number of dog harness options for your large dogs. One visit to the pet store and you can discover many things. Here are a few options to help you make a choice.

Rolled leather dog collar: It is one of the most popular collars for large dogs. The collar is similar in structure to the buckle collar, which is seen almost on every dog. The only difference is that the rolled leather collar is suitable for dogs with sensitive skin or long fur.

Self correcting collar: Popularly known as pinch dog harness, self correcting collar is not a very good choice for all the dogs. This collar can give you a hard time when you are using them with dogs that are either very aggressive or are fearful. When you are using a pinch collar, it does not put pressure on the trachea, it actually puts pressure evenly on the neck. You need to take some professional help in order to understand how to use this collar properly; otherwise you may end up injuring the dog.

Gentle leader: Gentle leader has been designed with the principal that the body of the dog follows its head. Gentle leader is basically a head dog harness. Whenever your dog pulls against the leash while wearing a gentle leader, the collar would put pressure on its head. Dogs have a tendency to move against the pressure, hence they stop pulling. Gentle leader, like all other harnesses designed for the head are a really good choice for controlling the dog, they do not train the dog.

A dog that walks normally while wearing the gentle leader would again start pulling once the leather dog collar is removed. Gentle leaders are however not a suitable choice for dogs that are nervous or jump a lot because they do not provide sufficient control. In addition, gentle leaders may also injure dogs with flat noses or thin necks. Take some professional assistance if you have doubts regarding the suitability of gentle leader dog harness for your dog.

If you are looking for quality dog harness for your big dog and you have no clue which harness to pick, these options may help you make an easy choice. It is always advisable to buy harnesses that have metal buckles and not plastic ones because they may break due to the sheer force that a big dog applies while pulling. It is also advised that you take professional assistance while making a choice because handling a big dog can become tricky at times.


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