Dog Owner Traits For Successful Jack Russell Training

There are different approaches when it comes to jack russell training. The most common is the use of positive reinforcements such as treats, toys and praise. Some opt to use training tools such as clicker and various types of collars like choke collars, prong collars, martingale collars and electric collars. And still, others combine positive reinforcement and the use of training tools in the hopes of having of a well behaved furry friend.

But regardless of the training approach, the success of the jack russell training greatly depends on the dog owner himself. As owner, it is his responsibility to make the training happen in a fun and interesting manner. The following traits are what constitute a responsible dog owner:

Consistent. Consistent dog owner is vital in making the training successful. Dogs are intelligent and highly observant animals. They learn by constant observation of things, environment and just about anything. A little inconsistency may cause confusion on their part and could possibly lead to training issues. You cannot train a dog that it is not ok to jump on you when you have your designer’s clothes on but is ok to do so when you are on your pajamas. It will only confuse him.

Patience. Dog training can be challenging and in some cases, frustrating especially if you are expecting too much from your dog. Know that a dog, regardless of breed or intelligence may not always learn a command within one or two sessions. As such, a dog owner without a bunch of patience will more likely find himself at wits end and poor doggie may end at the hands of new owner or rescue shelter or worst dog pound. In order to achieve desired training result, do your best to lengthen that patience of yours.

Committed. Dog ownership is a long-term commitment. It requires careful consideration before deciding what breed is right for you or if you indeed deserve to have a pet. Know that a pet has various needs – healthy diet, exercise, training, grooming and so on. Assess yourself if you are committed to provide these needs.

Financially-ready. As previously mentioned, the owner has to provide for the dog’s needs which include high quality food and vaccines as well as bed, toys, collar, leash and a lot more. Vet bills can also create a hole in one’s pocket if unfortunately Fido gets sick.


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