Throw a Dog Pawty!

Tossing a party for your pooch is a great way to show your furry friend how much you value them. Not only will your pooch enjoy themselves, but planning and throwing a dog party can be a lot of fun. Having a pooch party is also a fantastic way to get in some social time for you and your furry friend. Toss a dog party to celebrate a birthday, a reunion, a graduation, or you could throw a dog party just for the fun of it; don’t waste any time hesitating and get started today!

Prior to hosting a successful dog party you must thoroughly plan and prepare for the event. Think of guests to invite, including your pup’s favorite doggie playmates. Get artistic and put together your own doggie party invitations with colored paper, stickers, and ribbons; your guests will appreciate the personalized touch. Put together party bags packed with delicious dog treats and dog toys for the doggie guests and complete the mood with party favors, like fun party hats for all the invited company. Decorate the designated area with signs saying “Wipe Your Paws” or “Beware of Dogs”and put up bright balloons and streamers, you can even find ones with paws or bones printed on them.

Cake is a necessity at almost any party, and there are several flavored dog cake mixes and dog frostings perfect for serving hungry hounds. Complete your doggie cake look with a bone-shaped cake pan and topping it off with delicious sprinkles for dogs. Don’t forget to whip up a tasty cake to enjoy for you and your fellow dog owning guests with your pooches. Enjoy your cakes over crafted placemats of white paper cut into dog bone shapes to add a nice feel. If you want to being creative, you could even bake an extra cake and put together a cake walk to music like “Who Let the Dogs Out”


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