Reasons Why Pet Weimaraner Does Not Eat

Anorexia is a typical issue in pet dogs and although it can be caused by benign reasons, it can also be prompted by something serious. Like any other condition, if your pet weimaraner is acting differently, it needs to be investigated to further see what is causing it. Whatever the cause, you really shouldn’t neglect anorexia in your pet dogs because it can lead to issues like dehydration and starvation.

In one of the forums that discussed weimaraner training, one owner acknowledged her concern as to why her family pet stopped eating. There are a lot of reasons why a family pet would develop anorexia. The first thing you have to is to determine if it occurs with other warning signs. For example, does the pets anorexia come with other signs.

If the anorexia is the only symptom displayed by your dog, it could be just that the pet weimaraner is selective about something. If this is the case then you need to not panic and give your pet weimaraner at least 2 days before you take it the local vet. If the concern does not improve in two days and if there are no other potential causes for the problem, take your family pet to the veterinarian.

Some of the potential causes of anorexia in pets include – changes in diet. If you change your pet weimaraner’s diet for one reason or another then it can lead to some problem till your pet starts to get used to the new food. A heat cycle may also be one of the reasons why a family pet stops eating. This type of anorexia will go away on its own.

An owner must be concerned when the anorexia is coupled with problems like weakness, lethargy, coughing, and fevers, then pet dogs have to taken to the veterinarian. If the dog starts to show signs of bloat then pet dogs should be taken to the vet immediately because it can result in death in dogs. Pet owners should also be concerned when their pet dog starts coughing up blood. You should also take any issue that causes breathing problems in your pet dog.

In the weimaraner training forums, one of the people who were at hand also affirmed how pets can have a problem with their stomach when they show anorexia. For example, if a pet dog has gastric ulcers, there is a chance that it will stop eating when it is in pain. A pet dog could also cease eating because of any blockages in the GI tract.


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