My Dog Likes Getting Plastered, Or Is Your Doggie A Picanese!

Why is your new doggie or puppie eating the drywall, when you take your much needed excursion into town? Innocently trekking out to get some downtime from Jakka, and having an absolutely marvelous afternoon; only to return to a house disaster on the epic scale of the titanic sinking, or your house being swallowed up by a huge sinkhole, enmass!

Your doggie seems all in one piece, except your beautiful mosaic print wall paper is gone, and so is the drywall plaster beneath it! Your beautiful wall ruined, and in the midst of the damage, there he is in all his glory, Jakka — holding a huge chunk in his mouth, just penetrating your gaze, daring you to be mad!!!

Okay, what to do. Compassion and fury mixed together, but reason overreaching into my being, Okay, “Mommy’s home I croak, arms outstretched, and Jakka playfully forgetting his forage, jumps in my arms, and all is well! “Oh, beautiful baby, how could I ever stay mad at you!”

Oh, now the dilemma. Call the vet? Call 911! Jakka seems no worse for wear. So, settling him down with his proper bone, I decided to call the Vet.

What I found out is very startling. The Vet had a lot to say on the matter, but I could only speak with his assistant who gave me the low down on the deed!

Okay, this is what I found out.

The eating of the drywall certainly is not good, and more than likely signals a deficiency in Jakka’s diet. So, now I am ordered to feed him very lightly at least for the time being. No treats, no extras, no nothing! Just water, and gravied water is okay, but water is the standard treatment. And I don’t even have the 0.00 US American funds for the Vet visit, and detox, and boarding fee! “Oh my, oh my, and I heard this was a very reasonable rate!”.

Having no Vet Insurance (sorry me — I am getting some now!)….I race to the cupboard, and get the white gravy. Yes, white would be good. Also, the the doggie thermometer, Jakka’s best blanket, and toy.

Okay, Jakka, you are in for the night after your walk. Then mommie has to have a serious talk with you after your dinner, and you are settled for the night!

Later that evening when putting Jakka to bed — him feeling still down and tummy sore, but still passibly conscious and social. Looking up at me with those soulful winsome loving eyes, “I love you Mommy, let’s take care of each other” — look. After cradling my little Jack Russell, off to bed with him. All snuggly in his cozy blanket and favorite toy, looking by the way, no worse for wear!

Except Mommy’s worn to the bone after walking Jakka, and cleaning up the mess. A Report came up on my computer from the Vets’ office asking me to bring him in at my earliest for a check-up, and a look-over, see.

Okay, so I found out upon nosing into the Report, that Jakka’s problem is shared by many dogs of all different breeds, and sometimes cats too!

It could be a mineral deficiency, probably calcium — or some other mineral missing out of the diet. So, if you give them dog food with all the vitamins in it (anything with Science listed might be wonderful. You give all the roughage for the gut you know, like vegetables. Then they should go on to be just fine.

Except upon reading — if doggie has some emotional problem because you leave him too much; then it will take a lot more love and patience, and maybe behavior modification to get the problem solved. You know, like a dog psychologist, and maybe a Pica Box too! This is a Box with alternative chewing materials in it, instead of the painted plaster (which contains harmful lead — which can lead to brain damage, if not kept in check).

So, as my heart started racing and head aching reading the Report, I got together some dental bone, and chew toys, and made a play box. That should do it, then! Okay, I left the old shoe and sock out of it.

Anyway reading on, I also found out that Pica is named after a bird in Latin, — the magpie, of all things, because this bird has a reputation for eating almost anything it can get ahold of, (wow!) talk about strange and weird eating behaviours! Oh, and those birds talk alot too!

Apparently, it also has been reported that dogs (and even cats) will eat tile grout, concete dust, sand, pet poo poo, etc. Oh, nauseating! And I didn’t eat my dinner yet, either!

Okay, okay, so it’s a mineral deficiency then, and doggie maybe misses me when I go out. So, it seems that I better leave Jakka with my brother to walk sometimes when I go out; and inform him to give Jakka some extra love and attention.

Thank Goodness, Jakka is still a puppy and his behavior is not too ingrained yet. He really likes his new doggie apartment, I now had delivered and fixed up; and it has nice soft bedding, and lots of room also. Very cozy!

Now it is a few days later, and Jakka had a good Vet appointment. No major harm done, it seems. He slept well after his stomach got better. I got ahold of this Spray called ‘Bitter Apple’ at the Vet, and I spray it around sparingly on the walls abit when I cannot be in the room, and constantly be on guard.

On guard for what though, I am still not sure!

So far it is working and doggie has not been eating the walls anymore. Happy mommy, happy doggy!

So, enjoy your new puppy everyone when you get one from the Animal Rescue. Make sure to give them lots of loving care, and especially love.

And make sure — lots of toys, happiness, walking times and attention.

Yes, remembering that they are a lot of work, but give us so much love in return.


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