Dog Fits – A Frightening Experience!

Dog fits can be more traumatic for the dog owner. Typically, Dog fit is identified as an electrical storm in the dog’s brain’ as all the nerves start sending signals in a random and unrestrained manner.

All dog lovers and dog owners hate the very thought of their beloved furry friend falling prey to any dog health problem. Moreover, it’s truly distressing and painful to experience to watch your loving Fido convulsing in front of your eyes. Yes, a dog fit or a seizure is definitely frightening and damaging, more for you than for your dog, especially when the pooch loses complete control over his faculties, falls over, bites his teeth, drools, salivates, whines, paddles his paws, and may be even loses complete control over his bowel and urination. Dog fits, typically known as seizures, also lead to dilation or enlargement of eyes as your pooch becomes unresponsive. Pet health care experts feel that in case of dog seizures, the pet owner tends to panic as a sense of helplessness pervades him/her.

One of the most common causes of dog fit is epilepsy. Pet health care experts have identified certain dog breeds as being more susceptible to epilepsy. Nevertheless, cause for hereditary or genetic epilepsy are yet unknown. Some of the breeds prone to such seizures include: Cocker Spaniel, German Shepherd, Irish Setter, Poodle, Collie, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Dachshund, Saint Bernard, Siberian Husky, Miniature Schnauzer, and Wire-haired Terrier.

Other causes of seizures in dogs are allergies to 100% commercial dog food chemicals, preservatives, or/and artificial flavors. Sometimes liver, kidney diseases, tumors, low blood sugar, food poisoning, inflammation of the central nervous system, etc can also lead to the dog health problem of seizures. It has been observed by pet health care experts that dog fits are very common in younger and middle-aged dogs because of parasites (worms, fleas etc) combined with an unhealthy and poor diet.

Seizure in dog is a serious sign of dog health problem. When the central nervous system of the dog goes out of control as response to unchecked localized brain activity, seizures happen and resonate through the entire body in the form of electrical waves. In most cases, seizures only last for a couple of minutes at the most. But, repeated fits in your dog can be life-threatening as they take a lot of toll on the body, exhausting and luckily diminishing the much needed biochemicals that help maintain the orderly flow of electrons to the brain.

Many anxious and troubled pet owners ask the pet health care experts if the dogs feel any pain during seizures. You’ll be happy to know that though dog fits are pretty dramatic, your pooch doesn’t experience any pain, he only feels bewildered. However, ensuring that the dog health problem of seizures doesn’t prove fatal, you must prevent your dog from falling on the floor and hurting himself badly.

Finally, the most important thing for you to do when you dog is having a fit is to STAY CALM. It may be a difficult thing to do, but a reassuring, quiet and calm voice will comfort your pooch to get through this very dramatic situation.


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