Portable Puppy Enclosures

If you have been searching for any kind of portable puppy enclosures or indoor puppy pen then you know it can be difficult trying to make a decision as to what is best for your dog. Rightfully so, the choice you make is one that your puppy will grow up with and learn either their bad or good habits from. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your puppy grows up as happy, healthy and well-trained as possible. One of the saddest things that commonly happens among dog owners and their pets is that after puppies grow up they are too hard to control and then get sent away to pounds or put up for adoption; there are a lot of simple actions you can dog in the early years of your dog’s life to prevent this from happening to you and your puppy.

Portable puppy enclosures are a great thing to introduce to your puppy at an early age because they double as both a way to train and crate your dog while giving them the freedom and flexibility to play and have fun. All dogs should be crate trained or taught to reside in some type of enclosure from a very early age in order to deter your puppy away from thinking that it owns the space inside of your house which can lead to enormous amounts of stress and dominance issues as it grows up later in life. An indoor puppy pen is the perfect solution because it functions as not only a cold-hearted crate but rather more of a open area where your dog can play while it enjoys all of the benefits of being crate trained.

The key here is to limit the amount of space your dog has access to. Regular crates take away a lot of freedom from dogs which is why a lot of dog owners find themselves gravitating more towards things of such nature as portable puppy enclosures. An indoor puppy pen is still going to be your best solution because they are specifically designed to operate and function properly by limiting the space your dog has access to inside of the house. While an outdoor puppy pen can serve the same function, it’s never really recommended to leave your dog outside unless they are under direct supervision.

Portable puppy enclosures seem to strike a happy medium between puppies and their owners because dogs no longer have to be stuffed inside of tiny and limiting crates for hours on end while their owners are away either at work or for other personal reasons. An indoor puppy pen will help to cultivate early habits that will carry through with your dog forever helping the bond between you and your pet to be stronger and healthier then ever before.


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