Care For Your Dog In The Biting Cold

Weather changes affect not just humans but animals as well. So, it is only obvious that your dog too is going to be affected by the change in the climate. Though all weather changes call for extra dog care, it is the winter time that requires the most attention for your lovely pup. Biting cold could give your dog a tough time and even make him prone to illness. Here are some tips that will help you take care of your dog in winters.

The cold breeze of winter is something which everyone wants to avoid. While the humans can wear wool, dogs have been gifted with a fur. However as deep winter sets in, this fur coat won’t be enough. This is the time when you must either keep the dog indoors or make a provision for a proper dog house. If you can arrange for the kennel to be heated, sop much the better, if not do ensure that its in good shape and isn’t in the way of breeze.

Your dog may also require protective clothing especially if they are small or have little or no fur. Breeds such as Chihuahuas, Whippets and Grey Hounds require more warm clothes then their more furry counterparts. In such cases, get your pet a nice warm jacket or a sweater to keep the chill out.

Dog’s paws are also to be protected from the winter. Moreover there is a possibility that the dog may slip on the snow. In order to prevent this from happening, you would need special dog boots. These small boots will come with Velcro taping and can be fastened with considerable ease. Plus these dog shoes are available in various color and size options.

If it’s absolutely necessary to take your dog for a walk this season, your pet may just be susceptible to painful paws. This occurs due to the fact that pets may occasionally have to walk across sidewalks and pavements which have been chemically treated to liquefy ice. These chemicals can make your dog’s feet dry, chapped and painful. The pain may also cause your pet to lick the paws which in turn could lead to gastrointestinal problems. Thus, it’s imperative that you look after your pet’s paws throughout the winter season to prevent any health issues.

Arthritis is one condition which worsens over the course of the winters. So if your pet suffers from arthritis, try not to take him outside for a walk in the cold. Make sure he’s warm at all times and provide adequate protective clothing. Also use the gentle touch with your dog during this season. Brash moves during playtime may result in doggy injuries.

Your dog deserves care all round the year. But, the need for this care and attention increases significantly during the winter season. Try these tips and you will be able to take care of your pooch in a much better manner.


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