Win A Free Teacup Puppy

Cute is not a word I use often, but when it comes to puppies, no other word seems to fit. One day I found myself using that word quite excessively. I was viewing the Star Yorkie Kennel website, wondering if I was able to afford one of their little teacup breeds, and then I saw their “Free puppy give away” page.

Seconds later, I had signed up for the monthly raffle.

Star Yorkie Kennel specializes in incredibly small dogs, some weigh under 3 pounds fully grown. You got your Pomeranian, the Maltese and of course the Yorkshire Terrier all of which ranks an automatic 10 on the cute-meter. They also have breeds like the Pomtese, a cross between a Pomeranian and a Maltese, or the Yorkie-Poo, part Poodle, part Yorkshire Terrier.

Of course you can likely find many of these breeds elsewhere, but what struck me about Star Yorkie is their commitment to the dogs welfare. Reading the testimonials on their site, you can tell that you don’t just buy a dog, you adopt one. That means, among other things, getting educated on the care a

new puppy will need. It also conveys the commitment one needs to make to ensure these cute little guys live a long and happy life.

Star Yorkie Kennel has provided puppies to some pretty big celebrities like actors Brad Pitt and Leonardo Dicaprio and recording artist Lil’ Kim, just to name a few. I’m just glad I don’t have to be a Hollywood A list actor or recording artist to get one. I have a chance to win one every month for the small cost of a monthly

membership. Win or lose, I consider it money well spent.


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