Nostradamus Predicts In Regard To The End Of World In 2012

Nostradamus has written many prediction about the doomsday. He writes his prophesy about 2012 in poems with three to 4 lines stanzas. He prophesied the planet Nibiru will pass across the earth and cause great eradication. The eradication is so great that it can trigger the 3rd world war. Nostradamus sets the time frame for the accomplishment of this prophecy to be 2012 A.D. Nostradamus ‘ prediction is coincidental with many events stated in the Bible.

In the Bible, Jesus said that many countries will rise against each other during the final days. He also stated that there’ll be plagues and famines around the world during he last days. If the planet Niburu is to take place in 2012, scientists at NASA should be well placed to observe NIburu between 2006 – 2011. According to Nostradamus prediction, a powerful comet will pass thru the earth and scorch up a huge area of trees.

Nostradamus predicted that the comet will crash into new city, which is found on the 45 degrees latitude will spread a flame. He showed up in his prophesy that the folks in the new town will contact NATO to confirm whether or not it is a nuclear missile or comet. Many of us suggest that the new town is NY City. New york city is located on the 45 degrees latutude so it is smart to most interpreters. Nostradamus anticipated that the Niburu comet planet will stay near to the earth for 7 days.

According to Nostradamus, the passing of the Niburu planet will bring eradication on Britain and Vatican. Vatican is represented by the word prelate while Britain is represented by the word great dog. There are 2 conclusions to prophesy of Nostradamus. It can be the comet planet pass thru and set off a large asteroid to shift its direction towards the earth. If the asteriod shift its direction towards the earth, it’ll cause great eradication by bringing similtaneous natural tragedies.

In Nostradamus ‘ prediction, he stated that the people on earth will be in a position to see a fire that drag a trail of sparks. The trail of sparks can suggest the 3rd world war will occur at the same time as the comet passing by the earth. It can also mean the nuclear ICBM. Nostradamus prophesied that blood, milk, famine, war and sicknesses will be rained down on earth. Nostradamus had named the 3 antichrist that’ll be coming soon. The first antichrist is Napoleon. The second antichrist is Hitler. The third antichrist is said to be an inhuman person who does not have mercy on any person. Nostradamus called the third antichrist as Mabus.

If comet Niburu hits the earth, natural disasters such as tremor and flood will occur as well . Either way, a great portion of the earth will be destroyed. In fact , the destruction will be so great that there will not be peach on earth anymore. The one world presidency will be established and promise peach. Nevertheless the peace may only be a little time. After that, there’ll be war everywhere. Many trusting people will die as a result of the war started by the one world presidency.


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