Benefits of Grain Free Dog Foods

When people bring home a puppy, it takes time to get used to having the puppy in the home. Over time, people forget that the puppy is a pet; they come to think of the puppy as a part of the family. When it comes to keeping their dog healthy, pet owners want the best. One of the best diet options available is actually a grain free dog food.

Grain free dog food is simply a dog food that doesn’t contain any corn and wheat products. Many people are surprised to find that dogs have a large problem with digesting grains. When it a dog has food containing grains, it is stressful to their systems and eating a grain free diet is a lot less stressful.

Most pet supply stores have a variation of a grain free dog food available on their shelves. It can come in the form of a kibble. This is one of the most common types available. There is little preparation for the dog to eat it, just pour and serve. There are also freeze dried portions. These can come in the form of nuggets or pellets. These form of the food needs to be rehydrated before serving. Grain free dog food can also be found in a frozen form. This variation can be found with fruits and veggies added or just a meat variation.

Pet owners find that grain free dog food is a food that is rich in protein. A protein rich diet is not a diet that is good for all dogs, especially aging dogs. It is a great diet for dogs that get a lot of exercise, working or competition dogs especially. For dogs that don’t get a lot of exercise, this diet can cause an increase in weight and not recommended.

Introducing a dog to a grain free dog food is something that should be done gradually. This is a major change in diet and can cause some upset stomach and diarrhea in dogs. Experts recommend that for the first week, 1/4th of the grain free food should be mixed in with 3/4ths of regular dog food. Each week, the owner should increase that until by 1/4th until it’s all grain free. Complete introduction should take 1 month.

The cost of grain free dog food sometimes comes as a shock to pet owners that want to switch to this type of food. The reason for this increase in price is because the ingredients used to make a grain free food is not cheap. These ingredients are premium, quality ingredients and the cost to make the food is passed to the pet owners. The cost to make a grain filled pet food is less expensive because of the ingredients. To incorporate grain and corn in a dog food isn’t very expensive so the cost savings are passed along to the pet owners. The difference is because of the ingredients.

There are many pet owners that believe that a grain free dog food is worth the extra money that is spent. The benefits of using this dog food have been reported as additional energy, better looking skin and shinier coats of hair. Pet owners also report their dogs experience less stools and fewer allergies. All these benefits help to increase their dog’s quality of life as well as prolong their good health.

A grain free dog food can interest people for many different reasons. Before a dog’s diet is switched to something completely different, pet owners should speak with their veterinarian to make sure it’s a diet that is best for their dog. They should also make sure that a grain free dog food is going to give their dog all the nutrients they need to live a long and healthy life.


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