Tricks For Finding Your Lost Dog

If you have a dog companion, chances are that they will find a way to escape the confines of your yard or home at some point in their life. While many return home by dinnertime, others will wander off for longer periods of time causing their owners considerable worry. Follow a few simple tips to boost your chances of finding your lost dog quicker.

While you are out searching your neighborhood, have a family or friend call local animal shelters, humane societies and other similar facilities in case someone brings in your lost dog. Make sure that they leave a full description along with your contact information. On that note, be sure to carry your cell phone with you or check your messages at home often just in case someone has seen your dog.

Tell as many people as possible about your lost dog. Neighbors, friends and family will usually be very sympathetic to your situation and will help in your search. To increase your chances of finding your companion by creating a larger search party, use the assistance of online pet recovery services. There are reputable Internet pet recovery systems that will alert hundreds of people at a time about your situation. They will focus on animal organizations and neighbors in your area who are more likely to have spotted or recovered your missing dog.

If your dog has had a microchip inserted under their skin, they will be easily identified by veterinary clinics, animal shelters and other organizations that have microchip scanners in their possession. Call the company that you’ve registered your dog with to see if they have received word about your lost dog.

In the meantime, continue to search for your dog yourself by taking daily walks in your neighborhood. If you visit parks or have favorite hiking spots that you take your dog to, be sure to also visit these places on a regular basis. Take along your dog’s favorite treats and toys. Call their name while shaking a treat container. Your dog may just use their keen sense of smell and hearing to find you while you’re out walking. Listen for your dog every once in a while. If they are stuck anywhere, they may bark or cry out when they hear you calling for them.

You are more likely to find your loved family member by following through with many pet finding tips. Stay positive and persistent by following a regular search routine until you bring your dog safely back home.


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