Keep Your Pooches Comfortable Inside Insulated Dog Houses

Your dogs may be furry creatures but this does not exempt them from buckling from extreme cold. There are certain breeds that cannot withstand very low degrees in temperature. Their bodily systems can collapse and they can die from hypothermia. The same is true when they experience severe heat. Dogs, like humans, can suffer from heat stroke and die from it in extreme conditions. Hence, if your pets need to remain in the outer grounds of your home, you need to purchase insulated dog houses.

Insulated dog houses will make sure your pooches are comfortable during their stay outside. These are specially designed wooden shelters which make use of cedar woods in the first place. Cedar is handpicked for it has amazing insulating properties. Remember, how cottages are made from wood? This is because wood especially cedar can repel some of the heat during hot and sunny days. In the colder and nippy months, they can trap some of the heat and keep the interiors warm and cozy.

Aside from this, the interiors of these dog houses are also reinforced by special insulating material known as Therma-Ply Radiant Barrier. Like wood, it can bounce off heat and trap it whenever the occasion calls for it. Because it is made with the latest technology, it works several times more effective than wood in keeping your beloved pets comfortable and happy. You wouldn’t see them when you look inside the units for they are placed in between the cedar wood panels to give the interior surface a smooth and polished look.

Another fascinating thing about these shelters is that they come with clear vinyl doors or Plexidor to keep rain from coming in. These specially-made doors will help secure your pets from other creatures like foxes or snakes that may be sneaking in or crawling in the dark.

For added security, add a dog house heater and air conditioner. They are designed to keep a space the size of a dog house comfortable in any temperature. Generally cooling anywhere from 20 to 25 degrees from the outside temperature, you can rest assured that no matter what it’s set on the temperature will not become uncomfortable for your animals. All that is needed is a standard 110v power outlet.

For upkeep on your cedar dog houses, simple coat of Thompsons water seal will do just fine. Cedar is naturally water proof, however some home owners prefer to preserve the natural color of the wood to better match their home. Without a regular dose of a stain or water sealant cedar will naturally turn to a silver grey color after a year or two. If you enjoy this color, that is perfectly fine. The structural integrity and water resistant qualities will remain as the wood ages.

Insulated cedar dog houses are a must have if you have a pet that has to spend hot days or cold nights outside. It’s a very small investment to ensure the happiness and safety of your best friend.


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