Stop Your Dog From Whining

Don’t worry; stopping your dog from whining is possible with a few clever tricks. One option is to purchase an electrical device that will emit a high-pitch noise; the only one who can hear the noise is your dog and he will not like the sound. You can also consistently tell your dog to stop whenever he or she starts whimpering. The owner’s constant, or very frequent presence will be essential, but eventually the dog will cease whining and silence will be restored. There are other ways to help your dog learn how to stop whining, as well as how to stop other problem behaviors, but this article will focus on the devices and system already mentioned here.

Audio tools to cause the dog to stop whining such as previously discussed are inexpensive and are not harmful to your pet. These devices simply produce a sound which the dog does not enjoy. What would happen if you heard a high-pitched, piercing scream every time you sat down with a piece of cake? To keep from hearing that awful sound one more time, you would probably be willing to give up the fattening food. This is the idea behind electrical sound emitters that are used to help your dog learn how to stop whining. However, if you find that you just don’t like the idea of using the electrical sound device to get your dog to stop whining, there is another method that can be used to break this annoying habit.

Train Consistently

The next best solution is to be present when your dog is whining so that you can get him to stop whining. Simply tell the dog “No!” or make another loud noise when the whimpering begins. Never, ever hit your beloved dog. Regardless of what your puppy is doing, hitting her is never the answer. Hitting is is the least effective thing you can do and will only create problems down the road. There are much more effective solutions to get your dog to stop whining. Clapping a rolled magazine or simply the owner’s two hands are methods to make the dog stop any disfavored activity. The reason these methods are so effective is because dog’s ears are actually very sensitive and your dog will not like any of these noises. Employ this tactic whenever the dog whines, and do so frequently. Soon enough your dog will stop whining; you and your children will then have the puppy of your dreams.

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