Choosing A Male Or Female Australian Shepherd

Deciding upon a female or male Australian Shepherd, is not always an easy choice for a potential owner. There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding which gender would work best for your family.

The biggest decision to make when selecting an Australian Shepherd, is whether to choose a male or female dog. Many new owners already have their minds made up on which gender they prefer. Generally, when purchasing an Australian Shepherd, people will ask for a specific gender, however some people are still unsure.

When choosing between a male or female Australian Shepherd, there are the reproductive differences to take into consideration. Females of the breed are able to give birth to offspring and go into season about every six months. Males of the breed are able to impregnate females and can do so at any time.

There are noticeable difference between the males and females, one particular being the size of the dog. Males are usually larger than the females of the breed. Male Australian Shepherds weigh on average about 50-65 pounds and are 20-23 inches in height. Female Australian Shepherd are much smaller and weigh between 35-45 pounds and have an average height of 18-21 inches.

There are many differences in personalities traits of female and male Australian Shepherds. The females of the breed, tend to have a more of a relaxed personality. While males of the breed are more outgoing and have a tendency to be a little more stubborn and obstinate. Which ever gender you choose, having Australian Shepherd is a wonderful addition to your family.


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