Protect Your Dog With Worming Tablets

Worms can be a serious problem for dogs and are a common issue that they can get from all of the horrible things that they eat off of the floor while you’re on walks. You might think that your dog is safe from worms with their lifestyle, but when they run into the bush to use the little puppy’s room they may well also take the opportunity to eat a present left by a fox, or even an old dead mouse that they find. It’s really rather filthy what our pets tend to get up to and better that we don’t think about it. And even if your dog doesn’t go out of your sight outside, then these things can of course crop up in your garden and this can be just as unhealthy.

These worms then are tiny microscopic creatures that you probably wouldn’t see but that can then live in your dog’s intestines or stomach where they will wait live off of the foods and nutrients that come in via your doggy’s appetite. This is when your dog will start to feel ill as they will no longer get the nutrients they need in their diet because they are going to the worms instead. This then can mean that your dog begins to show signs of malnutrition and this might mean that their fur looks dry and their skin looks flaky, or that they are lethargic and generally unwell looking. If the problem progresses then the worms can begin to grow in size and this can be a cause for discomfort for your dogs, and at the same time you might find that they start to lose weight rapidly and to go to the toilet a lot or try to be sick. In severe cases worms can lead to infection and other complications.

If you notice any of these symptoms then it is important to take your dog to the vet where they will probably recommend worming tablets as a way to kill the worms and this way you will be able to get your dog back to full health. The important thing to remember though is that a prevention is very much better than a cure, and it’s much better to worm your dog on a regular basis to help prevent them ever getting to that point. This is also an important thing to do from a conscientious point of view because worms in your dog’s manure can actually cause problems for humans if they get some on their hands and then touch their face potentially leading to the humans being infected with worms or even in the loss of vision if the worms get into the eye (a horrible thought indeed). Of course you should also think about other dogs and animals, and by worming your dog you can prevent this from spreading when another dog finds your what your dog left behind. Of course it’s also important for these reasons and others to make sure that you pick up after your dog.


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