How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Call You Again

Do you jump every time your phone rings and say a silent prayer that it’s your ex boyfriend only to see that it’s only a well meaning friend these days? Do you try to will him to call you and scream out to the night for him to contact you again? Do you just wish that he would reach out to you and call you again? Do you worry that he really doesn’t care any more or worry that he has moved on and maybe even that he is out with another woman right now? What can you do to get him to call you again?

Well, first if you think that he doesn’t really care or think about you these days you’re dead wrong. But what does he think or what is going through his mind? That is the question. Chances are that if you have been calling him a lot or trying very hard to get him back he is probably avoiding you and your calls. If you have left voicemails or sent him text messages and he hasn’t replied back then he is definitely avoiding you and this is to be expected. This is very normal. You see, all of your attention and pushing to try to get him back is actually pushing him away. All of your attention is a turn off to your ex boyfriend and people in general do not value that which is given so freely. Such is the attention that you have been heaping upon him. Honestly, all you are doing is feeding his ego and making him feel really good about himself and painting yourself as needy and desperate. You aren’t needy or desperate, are you?

Allow Some Time To Pass The only way to overcome this image in his mind that you are needy and desperate is to allow a little time to pass. Avoid contacting him at all for a while. Avoid contacting his friends or letting them know what you’re up to or what is going on in your life. To the outside world let it appear that life is fine and that you are busy getting on with your life. You are ok with the breakup. You have gotten your self respect back and as time does its healing work your ex boyfriend will wonder what has happened to you and what you are up to.

Given a little time your ex boyfriend, who has grown accustomed to your attention and contact, will grow curious. He will begin to wonder what happened to you, how you are doing and doubt will begin to come into his mind. He will wonder in the silence of the night if he might have been wrong about you and he will begin to replay the conversations that he had with you and he will begin to feel guilty for some of the things that he said or did during your breakup. You can count on this and often it is just as simple as allowing some time to pass in silence before your ex boyfriend reaches out to you.

Do You Have Something Of His It is also true that sometimes guys can be stubborn. He might also be embarassed by some of the things that he said and did or be too proud to reach out to you. Sometimes all it takes to open the lines of communication when the time is right is a voicemail telling him that you have some things of his that you want to return to him. This might just be the slap in the face that you have accepted the fact that it is over and it might just wake him up to the fact that your attention and affections are no longer his any more.

Calling him at a time when you know that he won’t answer the phone is often best and this forces him to call you back. Acknowledging the fact that you knew that he wouldn’t be able to answer the phone is often a double smack in the face and a cold tone on your part as you matter of factly make arrangements to return his things will change his state if not immediately then his perspective will change as he replays your conversation in his head. People in general wish to be loved or at least liked and it will be his natural reaction to first be angry that you were cold to him and then he will soften and subconsciously begin to think of what he can do to at least make things civil between the two of you. That means make you at least like him again.

Good News Even if your ex boyfriend doesn’t return your call or reach out to you right away if you don’t get the reaction that you’re looking for immediately time will do its thing and begin to work on his mind. The simple fact is that if you play things right and remain steadfast and strong in your underlying goal to get your ex boyfriend back this coldness or matter of fact attitude can do the trick. Meanwhile, learning how to push him emotionally and bring out the love that no doubt still lies in his heart for you can have him crawling back to you before long begging you for another chance. You see, once you change your attitude and the relationship dynamic your ex boyfriend has little choice but to change himself. It is going to be a bit of a rocky road but if you truly do love your ex you can get him back.

After all, there are couples that are far worse off than you and your ex that get back together every day. So, why not you and your ex? While it might be possible to just wait him out, you miss him and want him back in your life as soon as possible. You want to get him back before he moves on and leaves you behind. This is why it is important that you begin doing the things that are necessary to get him back and bring the love that never dies to the surface. Just remember that love never dies


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