Know About Your Dalmation Dog Breed

There go the spots! Yes this is a dog breed that stands apart from all other dogs due to their spotted appearance. This is also a very intelligent and highly sensitive dog who will make for a great companion.

This is a distinct dog breed and is called the Dalmatian. The Dalmatian qualifies as a large dog and has many attractive qualities like he is always poised and alert, he is muscular, active and strong; he is intelligent and sometimes can be quite shy. This is a dog breed that is capable of gathering quite a lot of speed and shows great endurance.

The desired height of a Dalmatian dog is anywhere between 19 and 23 inches. Of course, you might even come across Dalmatians that are undersized or over-sized and that is no fault of the dog breed. According to the AKC or American Kennel Club, any Dalmatian dog or bitch whose size is over 24 inches will be disqualified.

There are many characteristics that you need to consider when looking for a healthy pup of this dog breed. This includes:

1. Size, proportion and substance: All purebred Dalmatian dogs should be between 19 and 23 inches.

2. Head: The head will be free from any loose skin and the eyes should be moderately well apart. The eye color can be blue or brown or a combination of the two. Check for abnormal position of eyelashes or eyelids and incomplete pigmentation of the eye rims. The ears of this dog breed will be of a moderate size and should be close to the head. The top of the head or skull should be flat while his cheeks should blend into a smooth muzzle. The nose is normally brown in liver spotted Dalmatians and black in those that have black spots.

3. Neck, topline and body: The topline of this dog breed should be smooth and blend right into his shoulders. The chest of the Dalmatian dog will be deep and will display a good spring of rib. The back will be leveled and strong while the tail should look as if it is a natural extension of the Dalmatian’s Topline.

4. Coat: The coat of the Dalmatian dog will be fine, dense, short and close fitting. It will neither be silky nor wooly and will have a glossy appearance.

5. Feet: The front as well as the rear feet of this dog breed will be compact and round and have arched toes and thick elastic pads. Toe nails will be in a combination of black & white for the black spotted Dalmatians and brown & white for the liver spotted Dalmatians.

6. Colors: There are two spot colors that the Dalmatians sport. One is the black spots on white coat where the black color will be extremely dense while the liver color spots will have dark brown spots. There is no third color.

7. Temperament: This is a dog breed known for their great temperament. This is an extremely active dog that comes with a reserve of stamina, is able to endure and is self-reliant. Extremely intelligent, they love horses and children and can be quite forgiving of any hair pulling behavior by children.


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