Dog Fashion In Hollywood

When the Hollywood socialite and hotel heiress Paris Hilton started walking down red carpets and special events with Tinkerbell peeking from her tote bag, the world’s concept of dogs suddenly took a dramatic turn. These tiny creatures became the most in demand breeds, which has brought them to be today’s hottest and most interactive fashion accessory.

With the sudden boom of the dog world especially in Hollywood, there were also a lot of changes happening in the area of fashion. Knowing how ordinary mortals loved to imitate what they see on TV and the movies, it would not be long before their own pooches start to wear what celebrity pooches Flossie, Tinkerbell, and Charlie, to name a few, are sporting.

Paris Hilton’s Pet Collection

Who else can better launch her own pet collection than the infamous queen of intrigue herself? With partnerships from different dog supply stores and popular designers, she has come up with her own line of apparel and accessories for small dogs. One doesn’t have to second-guess who her inspiration is. If her beloved Chihuahua can push her to write a satire book under her name, then she can also bring out the dog fashion designer in her.

Thus, don’t be surprised when you can see dog collars and charms with the words Paris Hilton or plenty of sunny and bright-colored dresses for your female dogs.

Dress Up to the Nines

The teeny-weeny small dogs are also popular among parties, since their owners would love to strut them. It is already all too common to see a celebrity or two tagging along a leash for their small pups as they walk down red carpets on awards night or movie premieres. Dogs are also heavily featured during charity events.

To cope with the Hollywood way of dressing, celebrity dogs are often dressed up to the nines. They have real designers and even stylists who will concoct the most appealing and unique dog clothes for them, complete with accessories and even shoes. If their owners are too busy primping themselves for the big event, their pups are also in their own little spa salon, where they can get the best haircut for their fur, excellent shampoo and conditioner, and even a manicure and a pedicure.

How does this affect the way ordinary dogs live now? You can see various spa salons and grooming stations for dogs sprouting like mushrooms. As they say, if humans can live luxurious lives, our dogs can tooas long as their owners can definitely afford it that is. There are even boarding schools and training camps, where they can be trained how to develop proper manners and etiquette, particularly when meeting other people.

The growth of Hollywood dog fashion is a perfect example of how we are influenced by what celebrities do with their money and life. We don’t know yet how far this obsession will go, though one thing is for sure: this craze is far from over.


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