Kayaking With Your Dog In An Inflatable Kayak

Kayaking can be an immensely fun experience both for you and your dog. Dogs are your best friends and they are among the most intelligent and the most sensitive of the creatures. Hence, they can surely appreciate the fun riding in the inflatable kayak.

However, no matter how experienced and skilled you are with the inflatable kayak, when you have your dog for company, you need to take that additional dose of security to ensure that your dog takes back home only pleasant memories from the kayak. The following steps will help you to use an inflatable kayak with your dog safely.

Preferably, take the inflatable kayaks out in the calm waters only. Your dog will adjust to the steadying experience of the calm waters easily. On the other hand, swirly or violent waters can unnerve your dog and it may behave unusually and become very jittery. The main advantage of taking kayak inflatable in the calm waters is that your dog can take a swimming break too.

Ensure that you put your dog inside a life jacket. This is essential in situations when the kayak may capsize. In such a case, the dog may panic and jump. A dog without a lifejacket will drown immediately without a life jacket. A life jacket will enable the dog to float and even to swim.

Give your dog a total practice session with the kayak. Ask your dog to get in to the kayak on its own. Then ask the dog to sit down on the kayak. Lastly, ask the dog to jump out of the kayak. This will enable the dog to internalize the entire activity and hence the dog can calmly take the ride on the kayak inflatables and the experience would not seem unnerving.

Try and see how comfortable your dog is with the experience of kayaking on the water. For this, put your dog on the kayak and push it into the water just a bit and do not get in to the kayak for some time. This will give you an opportunity to gauge the dog’s reaction of being on the Kayak alone and how well it copes with the new experience.

Do not put a leash on to your dog in the kayak. If the kayak comes in to a situation where it may capsize, your dog, if leashed, will drown, unable to swim. The only time when you can leash your dog is when your dog is swimming on the water and you need to keep close to the dog.

The above measures will help you have an enjoyable kayaking with your dog.


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