Are Air Conditioned Dog Houses for Summer Heat Necessary?

A lot of people think that dog owners treat their dogs with too much care, but when it is your puppy, you want only the best for them. If you are thinking of buying or building a dog house for your pooch, then you may want to consider air conditioned dog houses for summer heat. The summer can be hard on dogs, and giving them a place to call their own that is also cool is a huge benefit to their happiness and their health.

As someone who lives in the desert, I know just how hot it can get outside, and even getting in and out of my car can be excruciatingly hot. So imagine how hot it can get inside a small dog house. In order for my dog to still be able to spend time outside in the spring and summer, I made sure that I did some research on air conditioned dog houses for summer heat.

The first thing to look for in any dog house is finding one that is the appropriate size. Even though your dog is small now, he or she may grow larger later on, and it is important that you get a dog house that will provide your dog with sufficient room. Then, look for insulation. If you will be cooling your dog house, you will want to make sure that both the roof and the walls are properly insulated, just as you would have in your own home. This makes the cooling device more efficient, will save you money, and will make your dog more comfortable.

When you are placing any air conditioned dog houses for summer heat, or any dog house in fact, make sure that it is not placed directly on the ground. You will want to have a few inches of space between the ground and the dog house so that air can properly move around. When your dog lies down, heat is built up, but when you have space below the dog house, they can remain cooler.

Obviously, every dog house has windows, but when you have an air conditioner cooling your dog house, you will want those windows to be almost closed. Your dog will still want to see out through the windows and you never want them to be in a completely enclosed dog house, but by having smaller windows or small shutters that close up, you will save money and give them more cooling.

Finally, the positioning of your dog house is very important. If you are trying to keep your dog cool, then figure out where the shade will be after lunchtime, and put the dog house there. The less direct sunlight the dog gets, the cooler it will be all day long. If you can keep your dog house out of the sun all day, then you may not even have to cool it all. When you buy your air conditioned dog houses for summer heat, remember that your dog’s comfort should be the utmost concern.


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