Is Dog Teeth Scaling Safe For Tartar Removal?

Dog teeth scaling is a process that is performed at the veterinarian’s office and is used to remove tartar build up from dog teeth. This is a serious and expensive process and should be carefully considered before proceeding.

First, it should be understood that canine teeth scaling is done while the dog is put under a genera anesthetic. In most cases this is a safe procedure. However, there are significant instances of dogs succumbing to to the anesthesia. If the rate of death for general anesthesia for people was as high as it is for dogs, it would surely be banned.

This concern is even more serious for older dogs who require teeth cleaning in this way. Senior canines are far more vulnerable to the anesthesia than are younger ones. It is rarely advised to submit an older dog to this process unless it is absolutely required.

Yes, heavy tartar build up on teeth in dogs can lead to serious consequences. As the tartar contains large amounts of bacteria, it can also lead to infected gums. These infected gums often will bleed and thus the blood supply is exposed to the resident bacteria in the tartar. This bacteria can then migrate to other parts of the body and result in serious and sometimes life threatening situations for the pet.

If your vet suggests teeth scaling to clean the teeth, first talk with him or her about whether or not the situation is currently a severe threat to the dog’s health. If it is not an immediate concern, the owner may wish to consider a home cleaning process which involves using all natural gels and sprays.

These products are without any side effects, but they do require time to remove the dog teeth tartar. It can take up to several months of daily cleanings for the dog tooth paste to remove the tartar. Therefore, it is important to consult with the veterinarian about whether or not it would be advisable to take the longer process for removing the build up on the dog’s teeth. The vet may suggest that two months is too long to wait and for the health of the dog, an immediate tooth scaling should be done. Of course he or she will take into account the age of the dog too when weighing the pros and cons of the process.

If the vet says the home tooth cleaning can be performed, the pet owner should research online for a company that offers the 100% natural teeth cleaning products. Normally they also will offer a special tooth brush designed for pets.


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