Dogs In India - What Dog Is Suitable For Someone Living In India?

Many people dream of having a dog just like one seen on TV, or in a magazine. But if that someone lives in a climate that is very different to that of the dog, this could be very difficult. In recent years, dog breeders in India have successfully tried to breed European and American dogs; this is the reason why, nowadays there are a lot of dogs in India, some of them known worldwide, while others are juts locally known.

The best and ideal breed of dog for the Indian climate is Rajapalayam Combai. This breed is only available in a place called Rajapalayam in Southern India. These dogs were used by the ancient Royal families and were found to be very obedient and intelligent. Even nowadays these are one of the most loved dogs in India. The fact that they are Indian dogs is a big plus, as dog breeders in India say that all other breeds find the intense heat of India bothersome.

Although one must not be alarmed, most dogs seem to be doing great in India. Indeed, the biggest inconvenience is the heat, so dog breeders in India advice anyone to choose any breed with short hair as pet. Labradors seem to suffer heavy shedding during summer, but they are better than most breeds; so are Cocker Spaniels. However, during hot Indian summers it is not uncommon for dogs to sleep with their mouth in the water bowl.

But the proof that most breeds are doing well I India is the dog show and there are a lot of them in India. These shows led to standards, so of you intend of going to show with your dog, check with the dog breeders in India they should know all about it. The dog’s appearance, size, weight, coat, and details of their physical appearance standards vary depending on the breed you are showing. Dogs in India must be registered to be shown in most rings. The technicalities will probably be different from country to country.

If you do consider your dog for a show, you will want to do some basic leash training for obedience, so your dog will run or walk with you when the judges have you do your rounds, so they can check the dog’s walk and posture. The dogs in India that compete in shows must be of adult age; older dogs don’t tend to do as well, as the signs of aging are “undesirable” traits.

As well as that, if you plan on showing your dog, you will need to invest a lot of time researching and grooming. Most people that show their dogs are breeders too, so they can try to breed the “perfect dog”. The judges are really tough on every detail. What they are looking for is the dog that most matches the breed’s standard in every aspect.


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