Dosage Instructions For Dog Health Supplements

K9 Critical Care enhances your dog’s immunity system to fight cancer and other diseases while it also increases your dog’s quality of life. Made from almost 200 heteropolysaccharides, K9 Critical Care triggers the immune system to kill abnormal cells such as those from cancer. The recommended dose for a dog with cancer is one capsule per day, per 10 pounds of body weight and should be given with food. For example, a dog weighing 60 pounds should receive six capsules per day. A maximum of 12 capsules per day should be given to your dog even if your dog is over 120 pounds. Increasing the supplement beyond the recommended dosage will not significantly increase its effectiveness.

K9 Transfer Factor provides proteins from colostrums that naturally stimulate your dog’s immune system to distinguish cancer cells from others. It is particularly effective when used with K9 Critical Care, because K9 Critical Care depends on transfer factor to identify cancer cells in order to kill them. Once K9 Transfer Factor recognizes and targets abnormal cells, K9 Critical Care’s heteropolysaccharides release Natural Killer cells to destroy cancer cells. The recommended dosage is one wafer per day; however, if your dog is less than 25 pounds, a half of wafer is suggested.

is the top quality fish oil supplement available today for dogs. Its Omega 3 fatty acids help retard tumor growth and metastasis. Dogs love because of its fishy smell, and there are no fillers that would make it difficult for digestion or utilization for fighting tumors. They’re available as gelcaps so you can pour the fish oil on their food or give it to them as a treat. The recommended dosage is one softgel per 20 pounds a day. For example, a dog weighing 60 pounds should receive three softgels a day.

K9 Transfer Factor identifies and targets cancer cells while K9 Critical Care attacks these cancer cells and accelerates cellular repair and reduces metastasis. See dosage for each supplement above. K9 247 Immune Assist Treats offers a chewy liver/chicken wafer snack that your dog will love. While it is made with the same array of immune-boosting heteropolysaccarides as K9 Critical Care, its potency is lower and should not be substituted for K9 Critical Care. It’s even great as a regular dog treat, and your dog will be begging for more.

Vitamin E elevates the level of antioxidant enzymes to fight cancer. Give one capsule daily, but interrupt dosage regimen within three days before and after radiation and chemotherapy.

Bio-Silymarin protects the liver from damage, fights cancer cells, and regenerates healthy liver cells. This supplement is important since most dogs afflicted with cancer die of liver complications. Suggested dosage is two capsules a day.

Special Notes:

* K9 Critical Care supplements can be given over the course of the day or all at once.

* It is easiest to administer most of the supplements when they are disguised as food.

* K9 Transfer Factor is a tasty liver/chicken treat so you don’t need to mask its flavor.

* You can give K9 247 Immune Assist as many times as you want throughout the day.

* Most dogs respond within three weeks of treatment although some may take longer.


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