Do You Or You Mate Distance Yourself In The Relationship

Distancing is for the most part has been look upon as a thing that men do all their lives and have not been seen to be with women also.


Focusing only on good sex is not enough as some people thought will keep the relationship together.

Having good communication is not the magic bullet either.

Because your partner is from different planet you have to accept it will be lonely is another of the myths.

Stepping away emotionally

Do you notice that you are constant being ask to help out with friends and activities outside the home?

Do you find it is difficult for you to connect to your partner when it is time for you to be intimate and you use some excuse to blame such as no time, the dog, the children, the extended family needs you?

Do you fine it difficult for you to open up emotionally when you need to put time into your relationship because you have shut down?

Give and receive

You may feel the desire to have a close relationship in which you can give and receive comfort but have difficulty in sticking with it.

You my find yourself as a giver because it comes easy to you or you may see yourself as a receiver and it is difficult to take the action to give so you wait for others to give to implicate themselves before you take that step in opening.

You may find that you demand proof that your partner love you and you may feel honor to receive this love but afraid to open and give back so you rather break up the relationship before the person hurt you or demand of you more than you are willing to give.

No time for partner

If you find yourself with no time to give to your partner because you are so busy with your children it maybe your way of distancing so you do not become too intimate this sometimes creates a gap in the relationship that is sometimes difficult to repair.


Both parents are so taken up about parenting that they forget about making time to spend together only to realize that they have drifted apart and it is difficult for them to come back together.

Taking risk in sharing feelings

You may be afraid of emotional commitment and the vulnerability when you have to open up and share with your mate because this asks of you to risk sharing your feelings.

Letting go of being in control

If you find yourself wanting always to be in control and it comes from fear of letting go, you are not sure if you did let go things will get done.

Setting boundaries

When you take the set boundaries you give your self time to be with you.

With boundaries you respect yourself and others of how much you can and able to give.

Overcoming fears

Overcoming your fears is a process that you will go through when you decide to get help and support with loving people around you.

The first part of this healing is to learn to trust in yourself knowing that you brought you to a place within you to be awaken and to remove the blockages that you have been carrying around for a long time and has stop you to live the life you want.

Conclusion: When you or your partner distance yourself in the relationship know that it is a way for you to protect yourself and you can learn others ways to feel secure while being vulnerable.


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