Why Buy Natural Dog Shampoo For Your Pooch?

If you love your dog and care for its well-being and health, it is advisable to buy natural dog shampoo to give your pooch a bath instead of using your own bottle of shampoo or conditioner. Dog’s skin and hair are not like that of human beings. They are much more sensitive than us. So, the shampoo you use to lather up and clean its fur must be softer and gentler.

Natural dog shampoo is made of special ingredients to meet your dog’s specific skin requirements. Lavender oil, Eucalyptus oil, Peppermint oil, Tea Tree oil, and Citronella oil are commonly used for producing all-natural, organic dog shampoo.

All these ingredients have unique disinfectant and antiseptic properties. Unlike normal shampoos that result in rashes and allergies, and make the dogs shed at a faster rate, natural dog shampoo promotes smooth and healthy skin.

Natural dog shampoo also has healing properties that helps sooth irritations and itching of the dog skin. Further, organic dog shampoo helps make the dog skin shiny and bright. Normal shampoos make dog’s skin dull and dried after regular bathing for weeks and months. But, natural dog shampoo keeps dog’s fur and coat in tip top condition.

There are several other advantages of using natural shampoo for your dog. You can help your dog relax and de-stress by bathing it with natural shampoo containing lavender oil or Eucalyptus oil. And, if you take your dog on a lot of hikes, use natural shampoo containing Citronella oil as it has got plant based insect repellent. During summers, using natural dog shampoo with peppermint oil helps keep dogs cool and comfortable.

For the best results, you must also buy natural dog conditioner. Natural dog conditioner helps close the hair shafts that are left open by the dog shampoo and prevents the dog’s hair from becoming dull and brittle. It keeps the dog’s hair and skin smooth and shiny.

Natural dog conditioner with Aloe, Vitamin E, and Shea butter are good for treating skin irritations, and moisturizing and soothing your dog’s skin.

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