Why Are Dog Tags So Popular?

In times of war, identification tags where the most important personal possession of any soldier. They held vital information such as the name and the army unit, helping to the recognition process in case the person was injured or killed. Later on, more specific details were introduced including social security numbers and blood type.

These tags were called dog tags some time ago, due to the resemblance to pet ID tags. Today, there are still used in the military but also by a lot of civilians, who consider them as trendy and stylish.

The Internet holds a wealth of information on many topics and this also includes the dog tags. One can find interesting stories about its history and first appearance, production details and even about celebrities dog tags. There are a multitude of possibilities when it comes to such products and the online world is the best place to get informed.

Dog tags are worn with a chain around the neck and one of the most popular forms is oval. Lately, there has been a development in the jewelry industry, with designers giving their full attention to the creation of special tags. They come in a great variety of styles and sizes, being decorated with expensive materials and jewelry. More and more people are interested in such pieces of jewelry, looking to wear them not only around their necks but also as earrings or bracelets.

Their primary purpose was to hold personal information just as in pet ID tags. Nowadays, these are produced by the most famous jewelers in the world and many celebrities are seen wearing them. Dog tags represent much more than a fashion statement, managing to create an ongoing trend.

Some popular choices widely presented on the Internet are the tags made from gold or platinum, decorated with diamonds, bought by a lot of renowed ladies in the movie and music industry. However, there are many other types of materials advertised for these tags, recognized as durable yet stylish. Some prefer even the plastic types decorated with imitation crystals, considering them as fashionable.

Aside from the pet ID tags and military types, jewelry dog tags have the power to transform any outfit into something extraordinary and wonderful to look at. People and especially women from different working fields have discovered that these pieces go very well with both a business or a casual look. The Internet presents various shapes and styles, being a considerable source of information.

Perhaps the most interesting part when it comes to these tags, is the possibility to have a personalized item. This is the latest trend on the market and there are many Internet users who choose to have their dog tag enscribed with a personal message, astrological sign or a nickname.

LED tags are also in style now, allowing to be programmed and to hold a special content. These are some of the most intriguing trick used by various companies. They use them as promotion items in order to attract an increased number of customers. This is considered as a very efficient advertising technique and clients seem to enjoy them a lot.

One thing is certain. Fashionable dog tags are very much different from pet ID tags in style and also in purpose. Some of the most popular products are customized and one can see many celebrities wearing them at red carpet events. There are less pricy alternatives for people with a strict budget and the Internet can provide a lot of information on this subject.


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