Which Is Better: Designer Dog Carriers Or Cheap Carriers?

Perhaps it is difficult to believe that there’s as many options as there are, not to mention individual manufacturers, in the industry of dog carriers. There are actually hundreds to choose from. You may wonder: Do that many people really care about having quality dog carriers?

The short answer: yes. When it comes to designer dog carriers and other types of like a dog purse and a dog sling. But don’t judge these books by their covers (at least entirley) by what how look like on the exterior, though! This is especially important if you and your dog travel often — a dog can be stuck in a dog carrier for hours or days at a time, depending on how long the trip is. So make sure your dog carriers are comfortable. If not, any dog will be really miserable during the trip and not in a good mood when you arrive at your destination.

As was cited above, there are a whole range of options when it comes to dog purse styles, colors and designs. Whatever your personal style may be, there is likely a whole line of dog carriers that is perfect for you. One of the nice things about the industry is that designer dog carriers are often created to resemble the design of brand name hand bags, whether it’s the canvas bag style or the quilted look. However, a dog sling may be your best bet if you travel more casually, as your dog can stay closer to you as you navigate your way through crowds and/or public transport.

But what’s the difference between picking up a cheap carrier and a more expensive dog carrier? While there are similarities and differences, not all dog owners will choose designer dog carriers with the higher price tag. However, before you decide what will make the best choice for you and your dog, consider the major question: What is the reason you need a dog carrier?

If all you need is a one-time dog carrier, such as if you are moving from one house to another, then designer dog carriers are probably not the route you want to take. For trips that aren’t too long like that, you can find cardboard dog carriers that do the trick. But if you plan to take your dog to the vet regularly or travel elsewhere with your dog often, a high quality dog carrier is a better option. Designer dog carriers have been growing in popularity, and there are a few reasons for that:

1. The high quality materials designer dog carriers use are made to last you a long time, so you wont’ have to buy a replacement every few months.

2. The interiors are made to be as comfy as possible for your dog.

3. Since many are designed to look like popular hand bags, designer dog carriers are easy to carry and come in many styles and colors.


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