Walky Dog Bike Leash-safe Bike Rides For You And Fun Exercise For Your Dog!

I was gifted a WalkyDog bike leash for Christmas and have been using it for 2 months now with my Westie dog, Dougie and my mountain bike we have so much fun! I just wanted to pass on to other dog lovers the benefits of biking with your best buddy!

Dougie is quite a small dog and doesn’t really ever get up any great walking pace, preferring to sniff and stop frequently to pick up what I call doggie pee-mail’, so I wasn’t really getting any beneficial exercise watching him endlessly cocking his leg over anything interesting until his tanks were empty and the gesture was entirely token !

The Walkydog product is a hands-free bicycle leash that allows you to safely take your dog with you on bike rides, so no more leaving your best friend at home and feeling guilty!

It is extremely dangerous to ride a bike and have your dog run alongside with a standard lead in your hand or wrapped round the handle-bars of the bike. You are at risk of being pulled over or the dog getting hurt by the lead getting tangled in the wheels or the dog getting in the way of you. No responsible dog lover should be taking this risk of injury to either, dog, owner or even someone else in the event of an accident.

The Walkydog is stable, as the bike rider’s weight is maintaining stability and prevents you being pulled over, even if your dog sees something exciting and decides to try and go after it! When first attaching the dog bike product, ride the bike first by yourself to ensure you’re happy with it, and then attach your dog and extra lead if necessary. Go slowly first to get your dog used to the experience, preferably in a quiet spot. Always take a water flask for your dog, (and you!) as it’s more exhausting than walking. Dougs wears a padded harness instead of his usual collar and lead, as he is just so keen when we first get going on our walkydog bike leash, that he pulls, so the harness is more comfortable for him. If you are going out on the road to bike with your dog, I think a reflective harness for your dog would be good and of course the usual safety attire for yourself, along with proper bike lights if dusk. With his new found biking pleasure, he seems disinterested in chasing rabbits. I cannot keep up with Doug’s pace for long now, so we compromise and I walk back wheeling the bike, using the Walky detached from the bike as a lead for Dougs (best to detach when you’re not biking to prevent possible damage to your bike), whilst he sniffs all the way home and then jumps contentedly into his doggie bed with his favourite cuddle toy. Bliss for both of us!

As I see it, and from actually using the product, these are the benefits and features for you and your doggie:

* The WalkyDog installs in just minutes and is incredibly easy to use. Its patented design includes an internal shock-absorbing system and quick lock and release capability for easy switching between bikes.

* Fun way to exercise your dog and release energy – especially for active dogs.

* The WalkyDog “lead” can be extended to a maximum of 14″. If you find that the combination of the height of your bike and the 14″ lead isn’t enough, you can attach the WalkyDog lead to your dogs current lead for additional length (I had to do this with Dougs, as he’s small) or, you may easily replace the cord used in the WalkyDog lead with a cord of a custom length (same width required for use). You can purchase cord of this type at many hardware stores with the same diameter currently used.

* Sturdy, solid and well made from top quality materials.

* Can be used as a normal lead when detached from the bike.

* Suitable for bike riders over 14+ and fit, healthy dogs, big or small.

* Great for owners who cannot walk or run too far themselves.

* Possible to attach one WalkyDog each side of your bike for 2 dogs.

Someone asked a question in my hub on this topic, whether the Walkydog is suitable to attach to a personal mobility device and I replied; apparently there is a guy who is a disabled person who works as a professional dog walker and he actually uses the Walkydog bike leash for smaller dogs when carrying out his job.


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