The Purposes Of A Dog Boat Ladder

Many people have never heard any reference to a dog boat ladder and have no idea what it is. You probably have heard about these handy ladders if you have a boat and a dog who likes to swim. Many retriever type dogs love the water and if their owner enjoys spending time on the water, they may even have one of these devices. Most water loving dogs tend to be large breeds and can easily weigh 50 pounds and up. If you have ever attempted to lift your large dog from the water and back into a boat, you would understand the advantage of this ladder as it is designed to help dogs climb aboard on their own. Older arthritic dogs which may also be overweight can be easily helped out of the water without fear of damaging their joints. According to reviews, the ladders are also useful for families in providing an easier way for children to board the boat unassisted.

Dog boat ladders are made of corrosion resistant plastic with a ribbed, non-slip surface. The ladders are also designed to float and can be easily detached to allow humans to access the boats’ built in ladder. Some people find other uses for their dog boat ladders at home. Smaller dogs sometimes have difficulty climbing onto their favorite resting place on a chair or couch. Since the ladders are easily cleaned and lightweight, they also work well to assist older dogs in gaining access to their preferred bed.

Online reviews for the Load-A-Pup ladder were all positive, with buyers stressing over and over their relief that they no longer needed to stress their back by lifting their heavy pet back into the boat. Dogs also seem to be happier because the ladder gave them freedom to swim and return into the boat as they wished. Some reviewers also noted their dog used the ladder to rest a short time before resuming their swim. Dog owners stated their pet quickly learned to use the ladder and that it was easy to assemble and install. There are several companies that sell dog boat ladders including Paws Aboard, Pet Steps and Hunter K9 Gear. The average cost of dog ladders comes in at about 5, and they are constructed of easy to transport durable plastic weighing approximately 18 pounds.

Many dog owners also use a dog boat ladder in their swimming pool to create an easy exit from the pool for their pet. Even small dogs seem to enjoy having the ability to control their climb out of the water. It is common for dogs to panic when humans attempt to lift them from the water into a boat, and the dog boat ladder eliminates this problem.


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