Take Your Dog To A Dog Wash

Bathing a dog is a messy affair whether you are washing your dog in a bathtub or outside with the hose. You have to worry about the dog shaking and spraying soapy water all over your floors and you, and it can be hard on your back if you are washing a smaller dog in the tub. Some dog owners will wash their smaller breeds in the kitchen sink but even that can be messy with the dog scrambling to get out of the sink. After you managed to get the dog out of the sink or the tub, you still have to dry the dog off, and try to keep the dog off your furniture and rolling around on your floor.

This is why many dog owners are starting to utilize dog wash Portland centers and there are two types that you can choose from. You can choose to take your pet to a dog wash place where the dog is washed and groomed by professionals or you can take it to a place that is similar to a car wash where you can wash the dog yourself. Both choices eliminate the mess that can take place in your house which means you will not have to do a second cleanup once the dog is bathed and dried. You also do not have to worry about struggling with your dog to keep them in the tub or in the sink, making your life a little easier.

Choosing to take your dog to a dog wash Portland facility gives you the ability to run some errands while your dog is being washed and groomed. Often, these places offer other services such as nail clipping, hair trims, cleaning of ears and teeth, and even painting their nails. What is nice about choosing one of these places is that all you have to do is drop your dog off and when you pick them up they are nice and clean and you don’t have to clean up any mess.

People are deciding to take their larger dogs to a self-serve dog wash which is equipped with hoses, brushes, dryers, and even soap. Similar to a car wash, these places are enclosed to protect the dog from becoming chilled and getting sick.


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