Stay Safe And Protected With Guard Dog Stun Guns

Is there anything more significant than defending yourself and your family from attack in the world where crime rate is constantly increasing? Self defense products have zoomed into importance in the last decade due to their persistent success in law enforcement.

The empty alley, dark parking lot and late metro can be seriously scary if you are travelling alone. With the rise in rape, assault, murder, home invasion and car jacking incidents, it has become crucial to make a strategy for self-defense.

Self defense tools are the great way to guard you from the assailants. Stun guns are one of the most efficient security devices to get you out of unwanted situations and build confidence. Stun guns are hand held electric device that generally contain two metal prongs on one end which emit strong electric shock.

When applied to a goon for more than 3 seconds, the electric charge would immobilize him instantly. By paralyzing a mugger momentarily, this self defense device provides you time to escape from danger and inform the police about attack. As these powerful stun guns work at low amperage, you need not worry about any serious damage.

Many people do not realize the importance of having a stun gun at the ready when they require it. How frightening can it be to pull out your stun gun to ward off a threat and to find out that the gun is out of batteries? When buying a stun gun, you should always consider one that has a feature of recharging the gun.

With rechargeable batteries, you can be confident about your stun gun that it will perform efficiently when it is required. Apart from providing you peace of mind, selecting a rechargeable stun gun is also a cost-saving measure. You need not buy expensive alkaline batteries to get your stun guns back in to action. When your effective security device is low on power, you can recharge it by just plugging it into the charger for few hours.

Guard Dog stun guns are convenient, easy to carry and rechargeable self-defense tools that can protect you from attackers. Several variants of Guard Dog stun guns are available in the market. You can select one according to your requirements and preferences.

Guard Dog Stun Guns with 3 million volt and LED light are perfect to prevent an attack. This great rechargeable tool not only possesses extra stunning power but makes an intimidating noise sufficient enough to protect yourself.

Guard Dog Cell Phone Stun Gun is one of the most popular self defense products as it gives you more stun power in a rechargeable device at a reasonable price. This amazing security device comes with 2.7 million volts of stun power, a LED flashlight and a suede pouch. If you provide services to strangers then it is ideal for you.

Guard Dog 2.9 Million Volt Rechargeable Flashlight Stun Gun is surely one of the most powerful stun guns available in the market. This wonderful stun gun enables you scare away any criminal in the area.

Self Defense ATL offers premium Guard Dog Stun Guns for your safety. You can get rechargeable stun guns at competitive price to defend yourself in time of need. Guard Dog Stun Guns are incredible devices that ensure you have power, no matter where you are!


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