Senior Older Dogs Poop Using Indoor Dog Toilet Litter Box Ideal

Dogs are in many ways just like us humans. They eventually age just like people do and as senior older dogs, they can lose a bit of mobility. When this happens, doing outside for walks may be a challenge. This is especially true during bad weather days with snow and rain. This is a fact that many dog owners forget especially while their dogs are still active and energetic. But there will come a time while your pet will slow down quite a bit. This is when the use of an indoor dog toilet is ideal for aging dogs. Ideally, have such dogs poop and pee in a litter box.

Rather than going outside, they can simply go to a designated place inside the house for elimination. An indoor dog toilet can come in the form of a litter box specifically designed for dogs these days. This location will be much closer to get to and of course more dry compared to an outdoor spot.

It turns out that not only senior dogs but also those of any age who might have injuries or illnesses which also limit their mobility, can benefit greatly from the use of a designated spot inside the house to do their business. Again, this is something that most owners seem to neglect. Just like us, all dogs can get ill or injured.

Of course, it might be difficult to suddenly have older dogs poop in an indoor location. So what would be even better is to start house training a pet to use a dog toilet indoors at a very early age, even as a puppy. This way, the dog already knows how to use a place inside the house when it needs to eliminate. There is no need for additional stress for sudden training of a senior dog.

I have always house trained my dogs right from the day I got them as puppies to use an indoor toilet. My first two dogs were taught to go to a specific location inside my house where there were newspapers on the floor. They went to the newspapers throughout their entire lives.

Then when I got my next two dogs, the pet industry came out with commercial dog litter and litter boxes. These became the new foundation of indoor dog toilet systems that were much less messier then newspapers. This is what I use with my current dogs today. They both use their dog litter box whenever they need to anytime they are inside the house.

I have all of my dogs poop in a litter box inside right from puppyhood. So they have the flexibility to stay indoors in case anytime in their lives, they end up with some mobility issues due to old age, injury or illness. This turned out to be the right move when my first two dogs were in their senior years.

The success of my dogs being trained to use a dog toilet inside the house prompted me to create a special website to help other dog owners train their pets indoors as well. I honestly believe that this is the best way to house train a dog, especially for smaller to medium size breeds.


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