Reasons Why Dogs Become Violent

Aggressive Shih Tzu behavior specially when it is a family dog should be resolved quickly or it may lead to danger and scare not just people in your family but also visitors and others who are around you. This aggressive behavior is a condition that might have developed since it was a puppy, like being attacked by another dog or it might not like the feeling of being dominated by a master.

Reasons behind Aggressive Behavior in Dogs

The delicate age for a Shih Tzu behavior development is at the 6th week. Whatever the environment gives makes it significant like socializing with other dogs and training to ensure they are people-friendly. You can easily apply this to a dog until it is 14 weeks old or can extend longer as you deem necessary.

What you should do to bring up a non-aggressive Shih Tzu are:

1. Let the Shih Tzu puppy on it’s own with its litters until 2 months old. Do not use violent practice to a puppy aged between 8 and 10 weeks but alternatively address it tenderly. Talk to it softly and avoid hurting it physically if you would like grow a dog without aggressive Shih Tzu habits.

2. The Shih Tzu have to understand how to get along with other dogs (many dogs that are highly sociable can get along well together with other pets like cats, birds, horses, etc.) and more importantly with people. At the age of 14 weeks, if your puppy had been taught how to socialize you’ve great probability of an aggressive Shih Tzu.

3. Provide a conducive and wholesome setting whenbreeding up a puppy, totally free of mean masters, appropriate and enough living conditions with socialization, and protect it from attack by not just other dogs but in addition other animals.

4. Aggression is also seen as a hereditary and genetics affect.meaning that naturally some breed of dogs are aggressive but some are friendly. But it does not follow that a naturally aggressive breed can’t be nurtured to lose its aggressive behavior.

5. A dog that would like to establish dominance over a territory displays aggression. Your shih tzu should learn that you’re the master of the house at a very early age.

What to Do If a Shih Tzu Shows Aggressive Behavior

A dog actually reaches sexual maturity at age of 14 months. If it shows signs of aggression during this period, take best suited actions straight away. At the moment the Shih Tzu puppy must have understood it that you are the master. It should not get any reward after expressing aggression out of being fearful. That will teach the dog a lesson.

Coming from a Shih Tzu dog training your puppy can easily learn how to follow your instructions. Regular, proper feeding and walking train a dog; and teach it that there’s a master who attends to its needs. A dog might take freedom in your home if you only allow it.

Aggression in a Shih Tzu is sometimes a defensive means wherein it can hurt you out of fear. This is the kind of dog that has not learned socialization. Protect your kids from it. You’ll need Shih Tzu dog training sessions to better its behavior and little by little figure out how to socialize.

Aggressive behavior in dogs can be averted before it gets an issue. Proper attention and affection needs to be shown to growing up Shih Tzu. However, when the aggressive behavior becomes a threat your ultimate option would be to get a professional to deal with the situation or use dog appeasing goods like DAP.


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