Puppy Urinary Tract Infections What You Should Know About It

Puppy urinary tract infections are as common as human UTI. These conditions may not be given immediate treatment because symptoms may be easily missed and left unnoticed by the owners, especially that puppies tend to urinate a lot. Thus, it is important that as a dog owner, you know how to tell if the puppy is possibly suffering from a case of urinary tract infection puppy.

Puppies with UTI usually exhibit any one or more of the following signs:

bloody urine

intense smell of the urine

listlessness or lethargy

tender lower abdomen

straining to urinate

excessive urination

excessive thirst

producing only small drops of urine

When any of these signs are noticed in a puppy, it is wiser to seek the help of a vet than to attempt to cure the puppy’s condition yourself. The vet knows better what to do and what medication to give the puppy. However, you may give the puppy homeopathic remedy to alleviate the discomfort brought about by the infection. For the proper diagnosis, dose, and treatment, the vet still knows better.

Puppy urinary tract infections are caused by bacteria that may have infiltrated the puppy’s urinary system. Since they have a shorter urethra, female puppies are more prone to these kinds of diseases. Bacteria can easily spread into the bladder through the ureter and cause inflammation and infections. When the puppy’s urine becomes filled with bacteria, she becomes more prone to canine urinary tract infection. If ignored, the infection could spread to the other parts of the puppy’s internal urinary system such as the kidneys, causing greater harm.

Puppy urinary tract infection can cause extreme discomfort to the puppy. To keep your puppy free from infections or at least minimize their chances of contracting UTI, be sure to give your puppy the right diet. Do not attempt to give it low-quality foods that may not be able to supplement its daily needs of nutrition. In addition, if you are giving your dog canned food or dry dog food, be sure that it is not mostly contained with grain, as grain-based dog food has properties that may change the pH balance of the puppy’s urine, which may in turn lead to recurring conditions of puppy urinary tract infections.

Giving your puppy ample amounts of clean water to drink everyday can also help prevent the probable occurrence of urinary tract infection puppy, as water helps to flush out bacteria that may accumulate in the puppy’s urine. Washing your puppy with soap and water regularly also helps, as it can wash out bacteria that may enter the puppy’s urethra through its external urinary orifices. Furthermore, always make sure to wash the puppy’s food and water bowl with clean water regularly to ensure that those bowls are not contaminated with bacteria.

It is also advisable to give the puppy vitamin C and homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic remedies are 100% safe and are effective in preventing the recurrence of urinary tract infections in puppies.

Although puppy urinary tract infections can be alarming particularly when the puppy starts to pee with blood in its urine, it is highly curable and can be prevented from recurring. It is up to the owner to take certain precautionary measures and to make the right action when symptoms of the disease appear to save the puppy from further discomfort and pain.


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