Names Of The Worlds Ugliest Dog

An annual contest is held at Petaluma, California. It is a contest of the ugliest dog in the world. The contest started from 2000. Here is the list of the dog names with meaning, and breed.

The good dog names of the ugliest dog are Nana (2000 and 2001), Rascal (2002), Sam (2003, 2004, and 2005), Archie (2006), and Elwood (2007), Gus (2008), and Pabst (2009).

In 2000 and 2001, Nana won the competition. We could not tell the breed of Nana. So, Nana is probably a mix breed. Sadly, Nana passed away after he won the 2001 contest. The name was found in several origins. The dog name means different (Sanskrit origin), and grandmother (English origin). In Hawaiian, the name has dual meaning. It means the name of spring month and star.

In 2002, Rascal won the Ugliest Dog Contest. Rascal got the ugliest trait from Chichi. Rascal is actually the son of Chichi who won eight titles in the past and recorded in Guinness Book of World Records. Definitely, the record is hard to top. Chichi means very smart, elegant, stylish, or sophisticated.

In 2003, 2004, and 2005, Sam won the coveted titles. It is an amazing accomplishment. The only thing that stopped Sam from winning was death. Sam passed away on November of 2005. The dog breed of Sam is Chinese Crested Dog. Sam is short variation of Samuel or Samson. Samuel means his name is God. And, Samson means the sun.

In 2006, Archie was the official winner of the coveted title. However, there is a little bit of controversy. According to Vicki DeArmon, she speculates somebody deleted electronic internet votes from Peewee and Victoria. Vicki DeArmon is the Fair Marketing Director. She said that somebody hacked in the system. The hacker deleted 40,000 Peewee votes and 30,000 Victoria votes. Victoria is a Latin dog name which means victory, winner, or conqueror.

Peewee made a run for the title. Especially, Sam who was the former winner gave birth to an ugly puppy called Peewee. Thus, the ugly trait runs on the family. Peewee is an English dog name which means extremely small.

In 2007, Elwood finally took over the reign of the ugliest dog. Elwood was a mixed breed of Chinese Crested and Chihuahua. In the previous years, Elwood was runner up. Finally, Elwood won in 2007. Chinese Crested is known for being hairless. Its degree varies from dog to dog. Meanwhile, Rascal won another ugliest title on another contest of the West Coast. Elwood and Rascal are English dog names. Elwood means old noble wood, while Rascal means playful and mischievous.

In 2008, another Chinese Crested breed won the title called Gus. The name is variation of Augustus or Augustine which is Latin origin. The name means worthy of respect. On another contest, Rascal won another title called Oldest Ugly Dog title at Fort Bragg, California. On the same year, Rascal won Ugly Dog Contest at Highland. Unfortunately, Gus at nine years old passed away on November 10, 2008.

In 2009, Pabst beats Rascal for the coveted title. However, Rascal won the Regal Cinemas Ugly Dog Contest at Florida. Currently, Rascal has the second most title. However, Chichi is still on the top spot. Pabst is a Boxer Mix Breed with three inch under bite, short dark brown fur, scary eyes, and grumpy lips. The dog name came from German origin which means pope.

Usually, the best breed for the contest is the Chinese Crested. Its hairlessness varies from dog to dog. And, the breed can manifest ugly attributes such huge eyes and long tongue. In spite of the ugly attributes, the dog still finds a home. It is good to know that we see beauty in them. And, the ugly is beautiful. They are definitely ugly, but names are definitely cute dog names.


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