My Dog Throws Up After Eating And Then Drinking

I have a very good female chocolate Labrador & she’s incredibly greedy hence when our dog is unwell I assume that it’s a result of eating too much! That’s what I thought at any rate except I do not over feed her and certainly never hand her goodies by the table. Subsequently I found out that the neighbors schoolboy was throwing away his bread rolls in my plot – not good for my pets physical condition and doubtless the cause of our ill dog. After getting that sorted out I believed she would cease being sick so often but it still continued. I spoke to our vet as regards whether or not I must be receiving some dog remedy and explained how my pet dog is unwell as well as at what time it takes place. She suggested giving her 3 meals a day as opposed to twice. This did improve a a small amount nevertheless when on holiday during the summer time it got poorer – our dog throwing up next to the camp site wasn’t good. Very upsetting when my pet dog is sick inside the focal point in the playing field. Nonetheless I found a book regarding canines and came across some helpful info that incorporated various thoughts on how to end your pet vomiting. As soon as you give a dog dry food it expands in their stomachs. This could be a difficulty for some dogs. Whenever they afterward drink, the food expands yet more & this can make your pet sick.

Our liver Lab is exceedingly greedy & wolfs down her food so fast that she takes in a great deal of air as well. That is what was causing her unwell. Giving her lesser quantities to consume at a time helped however didn’t stop the food swelling in particular following eating. I suppose my pet dog has a easily upset stomach (like us!). What we do nowadays is usually to place her dog food out & then pour boiling water on top of it. As soon as this has cooled we have a tendency to let her eat and state stop once she begins eating too fast. She has at the present learnt what stop means & waits for us to say to her she can continue eating once more. We tend to stock simply a little quantity of water inside her drinking dish so she can’t drink too much straight away & then after around half hr we tend to give permission to her to drink as much as she needs.

Doing this has prevented our dog throwing up and given me satisfaction concerning tenting next time! If you find that your dog is sick following drinking or following eating then try this & see if this will help.


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