Male Top Dog Names

Would you like to name your dog like a famous philosopher-Homer, Plato, or Aristotle? Or perhaps like a famous scientist, What about a biblical name like Noah? Or maybe a goofy name like Wacky or Taffy? Or even a food name, like Honey or Cinnamon? What about a common name like Sam, Max, or Lady? Giving your male dog the right name is very important. You will want to choose his name well because you and your male dog names are going to be companions for a long time. The name you select for your male dog names reflects on you, your dog, and your relationship.

Male Dog Names, There is a distinct difference in the personalities and features of male dogs of all breeds. They tend to be more masculine and therefore should have a masculine sounding name. There are Top 10 lists of male dog names for all sizes of dogs. Larger dogs should have a more forceful sounding name. Even when they are puppies, you should be aware of the size they will be when fully grown and take this into consideration when choosing a name.

The top twenty most popular names for male dogs are:

1. Nappy 2. Lucky 3. Buddy 4. Slick 5. Sam 6. Rocky 7. Jake 8. Casey 9. Cody 10. Max

You will notice from this list that the majority of male dog names end in the long e sound. This is very common in naming dogs. It is probably because it makes the name easier to say and it suits both a puppy and an adult dog.

Choose a male dog names that is easy to say and call out, preferably one or two syllables.What are his breed, coat color, and size? For instance, you wouldn’t name a Chihuahua “Fluffy” (unless you are into irony).What is his purpose? Is he going to be a guard dog, a hunting dog, or a traditional household pet?Pick out several favorite male dog names, then try them on your new dog for a few days to see what you like and what he seems to respond to.Give your dog a name that relates to or says something about your own interests.

Other options in names for male dogs include the names of the letters in the Greek alphabet – Alpha, Beta, Gamma, etc. These names are easy to pronounce and will not be confused with any of the words associated with training commands. If you name your dog Fletch, for example, you will likely have a very difficult time training the dog to fetch because he will confuse it with his own name.

Finally, do you love the male dog name? After all, you will be saying it daily,Right !Choosing a name for your dog based on its personality is always a good idea because then others will have an idea of what to expect when they encounter the dog. The following are some suggestions for names for different personalities:


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