Make Your Dog Feel Cozy With A Dog Cave Bed

The cooler months of the year make humans want to snuggle up on something comfortable, covered with their favorite blankets. While you could invite your dog to join you upon your favorite couch or on your bed, it would actually be more healthy for you and for the dog if it had its own snuggly place to rest on. A solution for this issue is the dog cave bed.

A dog cave bed is a dog cushion bed that is covered with fabric. The fabric is lined usually with wool and it’s covered with fabric. The fabric is shaped like a hooded dome. This creates another layer of comfort and warmth for the dog, so that it can enjoy its own warm and comforting place.

A dog cave bed is an excellent solution for dogs who might need obedience training. One of the signs of dog aggression, is when a dog starts to overtake human furniture and claim the furniture as its own. When dog owners purchase a cave pet bed, the dog owner introduces the dog to its own furniture.

This in turn creates healthy boundaries between human territories and the dog’s territories. It’s important to train a dog that it needs to respect its master’s boundaries in the home. If dogs aren’t trained in this area, or if they aren’t broken of their territorial habits, then the dog won’t respect its master. The dog will also wreak all sorts of havoc around the home, such as tearing up their master’s furnishings.

A dog cave bed is also useful for housebreaking a dog. It’s a common problem for dog owners to find that their dog has urinated on their furniture. The last thing that most humans want, is for dog urine to become embedded in their sofa cushions, or in their bed mattresses.

When a dog learns to recline on their own dog bed, then they will learn to keep their sleeping area clean and dry. However, the cave pet bed is cushioned not only with soft filling, it’s also filled with cedar chips. Cedar is known for its freshening properties. The cedar within the dog bed will help to keep the cushion nice and fresh from pet odors.

The dog cave bed is a must for elderly and for arthritic dogs. It’s simply too challenging and painful for these dogs to climb on top of a bed or on top of a couch. However, they can simply walk over to their own dog bed, lay down and receive the comfort that they need from the hard floor. Not only this, but the hood cover will provide warmth and comfort for a dog’s aching joints and muscles.

A dog owner should keep in mind that the typical dog cave bed is designed for toy sized, small sized and for medium sized dogs. Dogs that are this small need more comfort, as the frame of their body is more delicate. Smaller dogs are also more prone to becoming cold. The hood of the dog cave bed will do a great job of keeping smaller dogs very warm and toasty.


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