Lawn Care: 4 Simple Ways to Prevent Your Pet Dog for Dirtying the Garden

It’s a plain fact, dogs don’t behave like humans and if you haven’t thought your pet good manners or have adopted one, there is a high likelihood that it wouldn’t be very obedient to your instructions. Most dogs prefer open spaces to relive themselves and unfortunately for us a garden is exactly the place they relish for such a purpose. One can’t keep ones pets always chained and chances are that when you let them out, they may end up dirtying the lawn or worse still the neighbor’s plot!

Dog poop apart from containing high amounts of nitrogen that may harm garden plants can also be dwelling places for parasites. Therefore one has to be particularly careful especially if they grow fruits and vegetables in the garden. So it is best to cultivate good habits in the pet so that they never poop in the garden. However this is something easier said than done and often one can be at their wit’s end on finding dog poop in the garden despite the best efforts. Therefore for all those exasperated pet owners, here are simple ways whereby you can dissuade your pets from making the garden unclean and filthy.

Tip 1: Try understanding your pet’s body language. Watch out for signs of restlessness and if you believe the dog needs to pee or poop, lead him or her to an area that you want him to use as a future bathroom spot. Then order him or her to start with the act. Doing this everyday will also soon make your pet realize what you expect of him or her

Tip 2: Reward good behavior. Just like us human beings, pets too crave appreciation and showing them affection or gifting them with their favorite biscuit for peeing or pooping at the designated place will only trigger them to please their master next time around.

Tip 3: Try being firm if your pets are unruly. Some pets may not be overrun with emotion and would want to do things their way. It is at times such as these that you need to be firm. If you see your dog heading for the garden with the intention of pooping, use a firm and loud No’ to signal that you won’t tolerate such behavior. If your dog isn’t obeying, pull him by the collar and guide him to the place where you want him to pee. A majority of the pets, following a week or so, do learn to shrug off old habits.

Tip 4: But if your dog still won’t learn, then it is best to put fences around the garden so that the pet is prevented from entering it. If one desires to take a more lenient approach, using products such as Dog Rocks too isn’t a bad option. These help to filter out impurities from urine such as Tin and ammonia which are known to damage grass.

The tips given here are not only easy to undertake but will surely also help as you undertake the challenge of preventing your dog from dirtying your lawn or garden.


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