Juicy Couture Dog Clothing

Choosing The Right Look For You And Your Dog

One of the hottest fashion designers out today is Juicy, with their couture line being extremely popular. If you are looking for dog clothing to match this you can find all you need at The Pampered Pup. There are six different outfits to choose from in their Juicy Couture dog clothing line. This article will look at each piece of dog clothing so you can make the right decision about what matches you and your dog’s desired look.

Juicy Couture Reversible Dog Coat

The first piece of dog clothing to look at is the reversible dog coat. This coat is well constructed and perfect if you and your pet plan on being outside in any bad weather. The parka is fully reversible so you can have two distinct looks to go with it. In addition, it comes in two reversible styles blue and red or purple and pink. Lightweight with a detachable hood this jacket is perfect for all types of outdoor activity. Price for this coat is only fifty five dollars, so keeping your dog warm and looking good has never been more affordable.

Dog School Dropout Tee

No piece of dog clothing says rebel with style better than this dog school dropout tee. Sporting a one hundred percent original Dog School Drop Out design and coming either pink or green, this heavy weight cotton tee is perfect for the dog who has everything.

Juicy Couture Reversible Fur Dog Coat

The next piece of clothing to looking at in the Juicy line is their reversible fur dog coat. This coat will keep your pup warm in the coldest of weather, while at the same time making sure that they look cool. This faux fur coat comes with two distinct looks, each with the distinct and recognizable Juicy crest. One side is pink, with the other blue so this coat can cover a full range of looks. For only sixty five dollars this jacket again is a perfect gift for your dog lover friend with style.

Juicy Couture Fur Dog Coat

The next piece of dog clothing to look at is a Juicy fur dog coat. This parka is fully reversible and comes with pink and black sides. The lightweight jacket is lined with faux fur to keep your little friend warm no matter where your travels take you. With the two distinct colors to choose from you can be assured that your pet will match whatever outfit you have. Light yet very warm at the same time, this jacket is perfect for the traveler that wants to keep their pup warm.

I Love Juicy Dog Tee

This piece of dog clothing is perfect for the Juicy connoisseur who wants to have some fun. The t-shirt comes in two colors, blue and pink, and features a unique message. This tee let’s the world know exactly what’s important to you and your pet. Staying comfortable and looking stylish was never easier than with this tee.

Glamour Glitter Dog Tee

This tee is perfect for the dog and dog owner who wants to make a lasting impression. This shirt comes in two colors, navy blue and pink, so you can showcase you and your dog’s style with virtually any outfit. Glamour, glitter, juicy this statement let’s the world know what is important to you and your pet.


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