Japanese Chin Dog Breed Temperament, Health Issues, Grooming and History

Description: The Japanese Chin is a little spaniel, that has only been bred to be a companion. Other names they are known by are the Japanese spaniel, and Chin. This breed has a long broad head with wide set, large, eyes and a short but very broad muzzle. The nose is also wide and black in colour other colour coats should match the colour of the nose. The ears are V-shaped, small and wide apart, these are covered in long hair. Their bite is slightly undershot. This breed stands 7 to 11 inches in height and weighs 4 pounds. There are two classes for showing, under seven pounds in weight, and the over seven pounds in weight. The front legs are straight and fine boned. The tail is set high and is carried arched over the back of the dog and may fall to either side, this is well feathered. Colours that are seen are white with coloured patches, patches are often black, but also you can have sable, lemon, orange and black-and-white with tan points.

History: The Japanese Chin is believed to have started in China, although some groups maintain the Japanese Chin came from Japan in the year 732 as a gift from the ruler of Korea. This dog originally belonged to the Japanese nobility, and each house would breed the dog to their own standards. There are some schools of thought that this breed came to Europe from the Portuguese sailors in the 17th century. However, there is more accurate information that the Japanese Chin was a gift by the Emperor of Japan to an American naval officer Matthew Perry. When he visited Japan in 1853. It is thought that he gave a pair of dogs as a gift to Queen Victoria, when he returned from his mission. The Japanese Chin was first given its present a name by the AKC in 1977.

Temperament: The Japanese Chin is extremely devoted to its owner and is an intelligent, affectionate, happy animal that is pleasant and loving. This dog is good with other dogs and pets. Children need to learn to be gentle with this dog. This breed is independent and may think itself to be the centre of attention, but they are mild mannered. The Japanese Chin is exceptionally good at learning how to perform tricks. Small dog syndrome can be avoided, if the human asserts themselves as the pack leader. If this doesn’t happen, and the dog feels they are in command, they can become snappy, anxious, have guarding issues, and you will not be able to trust them with children. This breed of dog is considered to be very catlike with their attitude. You will see this dog use it paws to wash and wipe its face, you also see they prefer higher places to sleep, such as the back of the sofa or chair. It is a companion dog, and much prefers surroundings it is familiar with. The Japanese Chin loves to perform tricks and will amaze you with its range of abilities.

Health issues: This dog is prone to respiratory problems, tending to snore and wheeze. They can have heat prostration and eye problems.

Grooming: Grooming daily is recommended, as this will keep tangles sorted. Clean the eyes daily and check the ears regularly. This dog can have a dry shampoo occasionally and only bath when absolutely necessary.

Living conditions: The Japanese Chin is good for apartment life and will do fine without a garden. Always remember this dog will still need daily walking, to help burn off some of their energy.


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