Information on Treating Dog Mange

What are the best ways for treating dog mange? When your dog becomes infected, it can be upsetting to see it scratching and causing itself harm in a futile effort to cure it’s itching. Dog mites can spread very rapidly and become severe enough that now your pet dog has what is called mange. With mange, the parasites are basically digging into the skin and this is where the infected skin starts to turn red and the itching begins. The aim of this article is to give you a few ideas towards treating your pet should they be suffering from mange.

Although there are a few distinctive types of mange that can affect your dog, the most prominent one is called Sarcoptic Mange. With this type of mange, the mites that make up the skin disorder cannot be seen by the naked eye. It is this reason that you need to take extra precaution because these type of mites love to jump to different hosts when they can. This can mean human hosts also. The life expectancy of these mites is only 22 days, but in that time they can reproduce at an alarming rate.

So what do you need to look for on your pet? Well, the most blatant is the loss of hair, but more severe cases will result in a number of scratch wounds or reddened, crusty skin. At this point it will be imparative that you start treating dog mange, but you need to use caution when handling your pet. Sarcoptic mites are incredibly contagious, so be sure to wear gloves when transporting your dog to and from the vet.

How can you help your pet get rid of dog mange? Some dog owners will tell you that they have treated dog mange with a home remedy, but you must be careful. Home remedies are not reliable and may even end up doing more harm than good. What you should do as soon as you detect your dog beginning to scratch a little overtly is call your vet. Getting your vet involved early on can save your dog from unnecessary discomfort at a later date. In very little time, the mite colony on your pet can spread and their condition can get out of control.

A few of the products that the vet may prescribe for treating dog mange include oils to use for bathing the dog. When giving your pet a thorough bath with these products – minor cases of the mites can usually be eradicated in a short period of time. However, if your pet’s mites have already gotten too severe to be treated with such products, then the vet may take a more extreme approach to treating the condition. This may include injections of a mild pesticide to destroy the mites. This treatment is very aggressive though, and often just bathing your dog with the oils and shampoo’s will get rid of the problem. So don’t over worry, treating dog mange is manageable, just be sure to get your vet involved.


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