How To Pass An Exam Successfully If You Know Nothing?

The perfect situation of passing an exam is when a student knows the studied material, is self-reliant, is not afraid of professors, and answers well. This is an ideal situation. But there are cases when a student who came to pass an exam attended only a couple of lectures during a curriculum year and as a result knows almost nothing. He is sitting with downcast eyes nervously trifling with one’s shirt bottom and saying nothing. A poor show, indeed. Both a student and a professor are in torment.

Do not keep silence

A lot of examiners say that keeping silence is the worst in this situation. For examiner silence is a primary sign that a student knows nothing. However, such opinion is not correct in some cases when a student knows the material but because of a fear to examiner is afraid to say anything. That is why the main advice in this situation is do not keep silence!

Say something

The better thing to do is to begin to say something. But it does not mean one should talk about the weather or some other stuff. Talk about something close to the question you need to highlight.

There is a joke about one student whose task was to tell about cows. So, he began Cows are wonderful animals. They give milk, cheese. They have horns and are covered with hair. Hair is full of fleas. Fleas are And then he began to tell everything about fleas. The examiner was surprised and asked him a second question about dogs. The student continued Dogs are human friends. They guard houses. They are covered with hair full of fleas. Fleas are And he continued to tell about fleas. At last the examiner asked him about fish. The student answered Fish live in water. They are covered with scales. If they hair they would have fleas. And fleas are the insects

In this case it is rather difficult to flunk the exam.


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