How To Hypnotize Anyone Without Them Knowing

What would it be like if you could hypnotize anyone that you wanted to? Is it even possible to hypnotize anyone and actually change their behavior without them even knowing it? Not only is this possible but it’s probably a lot easier than you realize. And by the way this looks nothing like traditional hypnosis.As a matter of fact this can actually be done just by talking to someone!

OK, so how would you actually hypnotize anyone just by talking to them? well, the answer is…secretly! Alright, a better answer would be subconsciously, which for the purposes of this article simply means outside of someone’s conscious awareness.

So what’s the trick to hypnotizing anyone? Well, the trick is to use the advanced techniques and language patterns of traditional hypnosis but use them in a conversational way so that it’s natural and normal. So forget about asking someone to sit back in a recliner and relax and close their eyes as you slowly count backwards from ten. Think more along the lines of meeting a co worker at the water cooler and having a conversation with them or sitting down at lunch and having your usual conversation with someone.

Does this seem too far fetched to even consider? Psychologist John Bargh developed a simple experiment where he asked subjects to make a four word sentence out of five words as quickly as they could. Give this a try: a fruit wrinkled raisin

2. good oranges Florida sweet are

3. fur dog old my sheds

Not very difficult, is it? What the subjects didn’t know was that the researchers weren’t really measuring the subject’s ability to finish sentences. What they were measuring was whether or not certain words would the affect the subjects in a certain way. The results of the experiment were that the subjects walked out of the testing room and down the hallway much more slowly than when they entered the room.

Now consciously the subjects probably didn’t even pay attention to these words, but subconsciously these words had a huge impact on the way the subjects behaved. They basically put the subjects into a state of feeling old and the subjects responded by acting this out through their slow walk out of the office. (For an excellent resource on how the subconscious is easliy influenced on a day to day basis, check out Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink).

What’s so significant about this little experiment? The first significant thing is that the subjects had no idea that they had been influenced at all to act one way or another. The second significant fact is that they actually changed their behavior as a result of being influenced outside of their awareness. And how did this happen? The researchers simply put regular everyday words “gray, wrinkles, Florida, old” into an exercise but had the subjects concentrate on something else.

The gentleman generally regarded as the father of modern psychological hypnosis is Dr. Milton Erickson, a world renowned medical doctor and therapist. Erickson developed his ability to hypnotize anyone to such a high degree that he could literally hypnotize anyone just by talking to them or telling them a story. Of course, the patient or listener would hear the story consciously but be completely unaware of the subconscious commands and suggestions that Erickson was planting into the story.

Chances are you already know and use the words that you would use to start to hypnotize someone subconsciously. How can I know this about you? Well, have you ever used the words “gray, old, wrinkled, Florida” as in the example above? Of course you have! It’s not about learning new words or ‘hypnotic words’; it’s about using the words that you already know in such a way as to engage the conscious mind so that you can deliver a particular hypnotic suggestion or command to the subconscious mind. Once you master this skill then it is only a question of practice until you can hypnotize anyone just by talking to them.


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