How To Handle Beagle Aggression

Having a new dog is a very wonderful experience which everyone should have. After all, these creatures will not only provide you with enjoyment and fulfillment, but it will also provide with loyalty which is like no other. However, it must also put in mind the fact that raising a dog will likewise entail some problems. Hence, it is imperative that you are able acquire the knowledge to understand your pet and his breed.

Beagles, despite their very pleasing demeanor and adorable looks are not exempted from this fact. Beagle Aggression is actually a reality which some Beagle owners have to deal with. And as stated earlier, understanding this behavior will be the first step in order to find the ways of solving it.

The Beagle is not a really known for its aggression. However, Beagle Aggression exists, and in some cases, this behavior has caused undue damage and harm on persons and property. Hence, it is necessary that as soon as you see your beloved pet showing signs of this behavior, then you must take the necessary steps to resolve it – as immediately as possible.

Beagle Aggression can be handled in many ways. But the most important step is always to research and study the behavior. Knowing this will help you find the best means of resolving the problem, and this will allow you to determine which method is the proper one and which is not.

If your dog is aggressive towards you, do not be aggressive towards him as well. This will only worsen the situation. Never hurt him physically and do not shout at him. This will only make him lose trust in you and it will result to an aggravated aggression, which you do not really want.

One of them main causes of Beagle aggression is because he feels that he is the alpha dog of the pack – which is your household. Hence, it is imperative that the moment you bring your pet home, he must already have an idea as to who is the real boss. Always make sure that your pet knows that you are the master and he is the pet. This fact must be inculcated in him, because otherwise, this will cause some future problems. This is why you should never allow him to go near the furniture, or sleep with you in your bed. If you want him to be with you in the room, let him sleep on the floor or a dog bed which is lower than your bed. Through this, he will not get any impression that you are equals.

Dog neutering has also been found to lessen Beagle aggression. Although this may be a little painful to listen to, it is a fact that testosterone is the aggression hormone. Hence, when you have your dog neutered, his testosterone level is decreased, and so will the aggression.

As soon as your pet shows sign of Beagle aggression, take the steps to handle it immediately. Always remember that leaving this problem unattended may lead to more serious problems, such as medical problems on the part of your dog, or your dog biting others. If you think that you cannot handle the problem yourself, seek the help of the experts. These guys will solve the problem for you.


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