Get A Pet Or Not: The Single Man Debate

Aside from the begging question of whether a single would even like a pet or not, there are many logistic considerations to make before getting a pet if you’re a single man.

First and foremost of these is ‘do you travel a lot?’ Even if you do, there may be ways to have your pet taken care of while your gone, but it is the biggest consideration. Secondly, what kind of a single man are you, socially? We would hope you’re not a single homebody, but perhaps you are. Then you have plenty of time for your pet. But do you party every night and bring strangers home (we won’t elaborate)? Such behavior may be great for you, but could cause your pet undo stress.

Finally, it may sound like a no-brainer but it’s surprising how many men can’t pass the test, are you capable of taking care of pet nutritionally and physically. Are you certain that you will not neglect your pet? Because if you’re not certain whether you can take care of your pet or not, then you have no business getting one. Which brings us to the type of pet that a single might be interested in. You can always go ‘low maintenance,’ which is perfect for some men. These would include mostly fish and reptiles, fish being the more demanding. Probably the lowest you could is a tortoise- don’t expect much affection. Snakes are a good macho pet but tend to freak women out, while having a chameleon or iguana might make you seem an interesting oddball. But the pet that most single guys want is a dog of course. A single man usually wants a pet he can bond with. Cats are nice for some guys (the more sensitive type), but isn’t dog man’s best friend? So if you’re the kind of guy that doesn’t travel too much, is responsible and affectionate, a dog might just be for you.


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