Dogo Argentino - The Greatest Hunting Dog

Breed of dog originating from Maradona Country has many advantages compared with other types of working dogs, with the official name: El Dogo Argentino or Dogo Argentino. This species can give a satisfactory answer for dog lovers who want a third worker profession as well as the hunting dogs, guard dogs and family dogs.

Dogo Argentino which is derived from Argentine in the early-first engineered by: Dr.Antonio Norez Martinez, made for the purpose of the greatest hunting dog, as well as a good family dog. This type is actually a result of the “Cocktail-breed” (crosses between several types of Tough-dog assessed mutual support), including the breed Dogo large size, height and weight ranges from 24-27 inc 82-105 pounds, plain white, short haired with trait that is very familiar to children, and have mental brave, yet full of calculations in a strategy to track, pursue and arrest a criminal or animal prey.

Because much evidence of its prowess in hunting and guarding, the Dogo Argentino was developed in different countries in Europe such as Germany, Italy and also in the United States.

The origin Dogo was bred as a “hunting dog” with very special abilities, and Dogo Argentino is also introduced to be a formidable guard dog with early since 1920.

This dog is engineered as a dog to hunt for “Wild & Dangerous Animal” / savage and cruel animal without the use of weapons of hunters because it only relies on the ability of dogs in tracking, chasing and biting prey.

Dr.Martinez, which to engineer a type of hunting dog breeds whose capacity can not be matched by any other breed of dog, in the early stage in the breeding program makes this breed Dogo. He uses the basic stock / basic material of this type of “crossbreed” that blood ties are very close to the fighting dogs used in the “Dog fighting” (dog fight) examples in Europe: British Fightingdog and called: “Cordoba dogs”.

Dr.Martinez Dogo produce dogs with very strong and powerful and an easily trained dog, but for breeding program takes a very long time from the target completion his breed.

As a “hunter” beast: “wild boar / Wildboar, Jaguar and Puma, however Dogo dog has proven itself as a great dog. When things are difficult for some of us to believe the above, the current type of Dogo have the ability to track, attack, and kill a tiger “Puma” or “Jaguar” by “single-handedly” (alone / 1 versus 1). One group of dogs Dogo consisting of 5, can knock down one tail “Wildboar” with a weight of 450 pounds.

Even the ability Dogo, also as a guard dog that can barking, attacking, and then bite the bully, with mental heart / guts brave fight against the intruder to death, if necessary.

Although a relatively new kind known to the public, this type has proven excellence in every field duty, because since 1920 this species has been bred selectively by prioritizing the dog’s temperament factor.

Dogo with a body that has the weight 80-105 pounds, and with short fur and the body of a compact and stable, they are also suitable to be placed inside the house or apartment, and they are also pleased to serve as the family dog. These dogs are generally looking calm, somewhat quiet (not noisy), stable, polite (do not jump up and down), especially if in the house, really love little kids & family, the character of elegant and soft (not rough), very friendly with the dog kind other, but can bark if there is a criminal, and can be relied upon as a reliable guard dog.


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