Dog Grooming Habits That Your Pet Should Have

Whatever breed of dog you have whether it is a short haired Dachshund or poodle grooming them is quite important to maintain their health and good look. This is part of their daily care not just feeding them with the right food, daily visit to their veterinarian for vaccinations and others. But every dog breeds have different grooming needs and you need to consider this one before doing this to your pet.

Here are some dogs grooming habits for your dog:

Nail trimming: This is one of the basic grooming needs for any dog. There are a lot of trimming tools that are available today for your pets. Be sure to apply styptic powder to stop the bleeding in case a nail gets stuck in the dog’s veins. However you need to be careful when you trim the nails of your pet because this can be very painful for them.

Ear cleaning: Is another dog grooming basics that are quite simple and easy task particularly for dog breeds that have floppy and hairy ears. If they are left unattended, this can cause ear infection. To do this you can use cotton balls and solutions for ear cleaning and swab it inside the canal opening of the ear along also with the creases area. This grooming practice will maintain a healthy ear that is free from brownish black residue.

Teeth brushing and cleaning: Just like people, dog’s teeth need to be clean more often with the use of dog toothpaste. Avoid using human toothpaste because it is not meant to be swallowed while dog’s toothpaste can be swallowed.

Bathing: This is important for dogs and they need to be bathed at least 4 to 8 weeks depending on the breed of the dog.

These are just some of dog grooming basics that your pet should have depending on its breed. Proper grooming techniques and tools should be used in order to give the best care that your pet only deserves.


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