Dog Chewing Problems - Four Ways To Manage

All dogs masticate. It is a common canine behavior. When does chewing becomes a problem? Mastication or chewing becomes a problem when it becomes destructive that your dog starts to chew everything around the house, from old rugs to sneakers and wooden sofa set. It can be scary to see your adorable dog turning into a viper muncher. If you are concern about your dog’s chewing problems, following are effective tips on how to solve the issue.

Determine The Root Of The Problem

Similar to any problems involving your pets, you ought to identify the factors causing the chewing problem. Evidently, dogs chew for many reasons. Dogs chew when they are in great pain. Teething can cause extreme pain to puppies because their teeth are “erupting”. In addition, their gums are very inflamed and raw. To relieve the pain, they find hard stuff to chew on like a hard piece of wood or leather lying around the house. Other dogs chew simply because they are bored and they are seeking ways to satisfy their natural instinct. It is important to know the main cause of the chewing to better manage the problem and to come up with the most effective solutions.

Ease Pain From Teething

Aloe vera and chamomile are two natural therapies for teething pups. Buy some aloe vera juice from your local grocery and freeze it in a small paper cup. Once the aloe vera juice is frozen, you can peel back the paper cup and massage the frozen treat on your dog’s gums. To use chamomile as a teething therapy, make an herbal tea of chamomile. Simply add a tablespoon of dried chamomile to a cup full of hot water. Let it cool. Get a syringe and squirt some of the tea into your dog’s mouth. Make sure that you remove the needle. Another effective treatment for teething is to give something cold to chew on. You can soak a rope toy in water and put it inside the freezer.

Find the Appropriate Toys For Your Pet

Not all dogs are the same. Some are aggressive chewers like the Terriers and the Rottweiler. They must be given indestructible toys like rubber and nylon toys. They are very resilient. For non-aggressive chewers they can benefit from vinyl and latex toys. Pick a toy that has a squeaker for added attraction. Once you have chosen the right toy for your dog, observe how your dog plays with the toy. See if the toy still breaks. If it does, buy a sturdier toy for your dog.

Teach Your Dog Simple Obedience Command

When you are at home, keep a close eye at your dog. When you catch him chewing on something intolerable, say ‘NO’. Remove the object and then hand over a suitable toy. When your dog starts to bite on the toy, reward your pet or give good remarks. Some dogs chew on anything that have their master’s scent on it like a shirt or an old shoe lying around the house. Do not let your dog chew on them because they will outgrow the habit and they will think that it is right.

Having dogs are like caring for children. They need to be trained in order to learn. Do not give up easily on your dog. If you have a dog that has a chewing problem, consider the tips above. When teaching your dog obedience commands, be firm and at the same time tolerant. Never hit your dog or else, he can be aggressive and the chewing problem will just get worse.


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